Arrests 7-10-13

July 10, 2013

in Police Reports

The Pettis County Sheriff’s Department has released these recent arrest reports:

• Alexander D. Cason, 28, 1833 South Warren, driving while intoxicated (alcohol); open container.

• Sheila Lorraine Humphrey, 42, 2601 Clarendon Road, failure to appear, possession of marijuana; failure to appear, trespassing, assault.

• Melody Porter O’Donnell, 6, 309 South Chestnut, passing a bad check.

• Kimberly Kristin Stout, 42, Cole Camp, stealing.

• Delinda Louise Willis, 28, 3100 Brianna Blvd., suspended or revoked license.

• Jeremiah Scott Mullins, 32, 518 East Saline; failure to appear on failing to register a motor vehicle; failure to appear on expired plates; resisting or interfering with an arrest.

• Joshua Michael Mefford, 18, 1800 Murphy Lane, driving while intoxicated (drugs).

• Emilio Olivos, 36, 18 Sunset Village, suspended or revoked license.

• Brandon Michael Brown, 28, listed as homeless, resisting or interfering with an arrest; possession of a controlled substance; use or intent to use drug paraphernalia.

• Anthony C. Douglas, 44, 710 East 13th, 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked.

• Floyd Ray Snow, 54, 2013 East Boonville, driving while license was revoked; failure to appear on disorderly conduct; failure to appear on resisting arrest.

• Kevin Wallace Powell, 48, 301 East Cooper, 48-hour commitment, driving while license was revoked.

• Heriberto Aguilar-Ubaldo, 25, 226 South Missouri, two-day commitment, suspended or revoked license.

• Samuel Ryan Watson, 21, 114 South Stewart, failure to appear on back fines.

• Cody Christian Paxton, 21, 921 East Boonville, 48-hour commitment, tampering.

• Cody Brennan Reed, 21, Warrensburg, two-day commitment, theft.

• Harley James Dorman, 21, Warrensburg, two-day commitment, theft.

• Shane Robert Morgan, 31, 2804 Westlake Drive, expired operator’s license.

• Jason Jo Anderson, 40, 5650 Old Highway 50, 48-hour commitment, probation violation.

• Christopher Allen Pummill, 31, 201 Carlene Drive, 48-hour commitment, theft.

• Shawn Wesley Spellmeyer, 38, 1503 East Fourth, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault; 24-hour hold, first degree trespassing.

• Richard Leon Kerk-siek, 24, 1503 South Stewart, two-day commitment, defective equipment.

• Gary Lee Barnett, 37, Sweet Springs, 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked; failure to appar on driving while revoked.

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