Real Estate 7-1-13

July 1, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Megan A. and Zachary Ray to Herschel L. Whitten III, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Vicky Collins, warranty deed.

• Eric D. and Wendy J. Biach to Eric D. and Wendy J. Biach, warranty deed.

• Yovonne L. Byerly and Carl D. Lewis to R. Wayne and M. Viola Rhoads, warranty deed.

• Peter L. and Sherry D. Melby, Wade A. and Marie M. Moore to Peter L. and Sherry D. Melby, warranty deed.

• Pearl L. Bales to James J. and Joyce M. Driscoll, warranty deed.

• April M. Doll and Jeremy L. Bradley to Jeremy L. Bradley, quit claim deed.

• Merco Leasing Co., Sedalia Mo., to Of Convenicnce LLC, warranty deed.

• John R. Hicks Jr. and Frances Kay Hicks to John R. Hicks Jr. and Frances Kay Hicks, quit claim deed.

• John R. Hicks Jr. and Frances Kay Hicks to Shelley Lee Hicks, quit claim deed.

• Ron E. Rima to Brian K. and Elfriede Sinclair, warranty deed.

• Jay Ambeee Inc. to Midway of Columbia Inc., warranty deed.

• Marian E. McCarty and Susan E. Daniels to William Joseph Hunt and Pamela Ann Fortune, warranty deed.

• Glenn W. and Natalie A. Mishler to Milken Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Brenda Lee Eichholz, trustee and Leroy Young Trust to Young Traditions LLC, trustee’s deed.

• Randall Lee and Barbara S. Lawson, Sandra Kay and Billy Willis Ferguson and Gale Allen and Gracie Lawson to G. Farris Broken LLC, warranty deed.

• Jeremy and Jessica Dees to Jeremiah J. and Margaret E. Young, warranty deed.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LLC to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• Christeen Raines to William D. Raines, trustee and Christeen Raines Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• Betty L. Bickley to E. Wayne Bickley, trustee, Betty L. Bickley, trustee, E. Wayne Bickley Family Trust and Betty L. Bickley Family Trust, quit claim deed.

• Tara G. and Matthew W. Clark to Tara G. and Matthew W. Clark, quit claim deed.

• Millsap and Singer Inc. and Kirk W. and Wendy L. Miles to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, foreclosure deed.

• James P. Buckley, trustee, Sarah L. Alley, trustee and Edna M. Bluhm Trust to Darlene Lewis.

• Quinton L. Hansen to Mary Katherine Hansen Gowell and Mary Katherine Gowel Hansen, dissolution.

• Joshua L. and Christina Brewster to Bradlee L. and Jessica L. Stilfield, warranty deed..

• James A. and Jill B. Lybarger to James A. and Jill B. L ybarger, warranty deeds (two transactions).

• Vladmir and Ozana I. Gutsman to Andrew Melnychenko, warranty deed.

• Nishtiak Company LC to KCP and L Greater Missouri Operations Co., warranty deed.

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