Cloyd pleads guilty to charges

June 24, 2013

in Court Records

Matthew L. Cloyd, 29, Sweet Springs, pleaded guilty to burglary in the first degree, assault in the first degree, armed criminal action and stealing in connection with an incident Sept. 13 near State Fair Boulevard. The victim awoke to find a stranger in her house. The intruder threatened her with a knife and stabbed her twice in the arm before she successfully fought him off.

The defendant was arrested the next day. Sedalia Police investigators found the victim’s blood on clothing at the home where the defendant was staying. Also, the defendant’s shoes provided a general match to bloody shoeprints at the victim’s home. A necklace and another item stolen from the victim were found in the defendant’s wallet.

While he initially denied any involvement in the crime, after Sedalia Police Det. Aaron Berry confronted the defendant with the items found in his wallet, he admitted he had been high on methamphetamine and did not recall what he was doing at the time of the offense.

Today’s guilty plea cancelled the trial, set for July 24 through 26 in Cooper County. The defendant was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and he will be required to serve at least 17 years before he is eligible for parole.

This successful result is a credit to the quality of the Sedalia Police Department’s investigation, which was supported by excellent cooperation from the victim.

–Submitted by Petttis County Prosecutor Jeff Mittelhauser

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