Sedalia Clean Air Indoor Act passes, 6-2

June 20, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

As of Sept. 1, smoking will no longer be allowed in public places, with the exception of private clubs after the Sedalia City Council passed the Sedalia Clean Air Indoor Act of 2013 with a 6-2 vote during this past Monday evening’s council meeting.

The issue was first brought to the board back in March of this year.

“It started in late March. That is when the council directed staff to begin the process,” City Administrator Gary Edwards said during a Thursday morning interview.

The council passed the act with a vote of 6-2 in favor. Council members Bob Cross and Wanda Monsees voted against the ordinance as it stood.

“Wanda made a statement afterward. She was indicating that she felt strongly that the bars should have the same opportunity, if private clubs have the opportunity.

“She was in favor of a public vote and Bob was also in favor of a public vote,” Edwards said.

Though the council was first approached in March, it took several months to iron out the details.

“It was a very difficult decision to make, because it involves a lot of different people and businesses. The council knew that they couldn’t take this decision lightly,” Edwards said.

Once the act begins on September 1, there are several steps to take if smoking is being done in a public place. The first step is the business owner would make a request for the person to stop. If that step doesn’t work, then SPD officers will be called. The first time a person is in violation, a ticketed warning will be issued. This first warning carries no fine. The fine price for an individual violating the policy will be $50.00.

If a business owner fails to comply, there will be a warning issued first. The fine would be $100 for the first violation after the initial warning. Each additional fine would increase to maximum amount of $500 if violated within a one year period.

Private clubs are exempt from the smoking ban, with the exception of hosting public events. Smoking will be prohibited during such events.

In other council news, the city council approved a bid from APAC-Missouri in the amount of $184,000 for the milling and overlay of various city streets. The City of Sedalia has used this company in the past.

The council also approved a bid from Duke’s Root Control in the amount of $15,678 to remove root growth in the city sanitary sewer lines. Another company came in with the lowest bid, but due to a chemical used by the company, which does not meet specification, the bid was rejected.

The council also repealed Ordinance #9676 and #9677, which related to removing the 15 minute parking restrictions in front of 122 S. Ohio and the northwest corner of Second Street and South Ohio. This is the former location of Wine & More, which has relocated.

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