Ozark Fest remembered in upcoming documentary

June 10, 2013

in Local

On Saturday, June 8, Reader’s World in the State Fair Shopping Center hosted a fund-raiser for Dustbin Film to help them finish their documentary of the Ozark Music Festival held in Sedalia July 19-21, 1974.

Jeff Lujin, the director of the film and a few of his assistants have diligently been working on making the documentary, which is expected to be completed by July 2014, the 40th anniversary of the Ozark Music Festival.

There was a preview of the documentary shown at dusk in the parking lot of the bookstore, featuring interviews with locals who witnessed the event firsthand, as well as vintage footage and stills of the infamous three-day concert event. For more information on the fild project, visit http://www.ozarkmusicfest.com/. Photos courtesy Tammy Goodwin.



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