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June 5, 2013

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Karissa Logan

Pettis County Assessor Karissa Logan announced the completion of the 2013 real estate reassessment. Missouri statutes require the Assessor to reassess real property every odd year. If a property has new construction, combinations with other parcels, or was previously under-appraised, new valuation notices will be mailed by June 15, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact the office at (660) 826-5000 ext 423, 414, 412, or 420. For additional information, please visit the county website at

Additional Information

An increase of assessed valuation is due to the following:

• New Construction: This includes new homes, additions, remodeling, or any other improvement made to your property.

• Combination: This is a result of two adjoining parcels owned by the same person being combined into one parcel.

• Reassessment: By State Statute all Missouri County Assessors are required to review market values every odd year to determine if the value of your property reflects current market value (what you would sell your property for on the open market). If it is determined that your property was under-appraised, an adjustment to your value was made for 2013.

If you do not agree with your property valuation, there are three steps to appeal your valuation:

1. INFORMAL HEARINGS: We request that you have an informal hearing with the Assessor or Assessor’s staff before proceeding to the Board of Equalization Hearings. This meeting allows for an exchange of information regarding your property; most issues are resolved here. This informal hearing can made by visiting the office on the second floor of the courthouse (415 S Ohio, Sedalia, MO 65301), or by speaking with someone in the real estate department: (660) 826-5000 ext 423, 414, 412, or 420.

2. BOARD OF EQUALIZATION HEARINGS (BOE): Hearings are scheduled through the County Clerk’s office (660) 826-5000 ext 400-402. They must be scheduled by July 8th. BOE hearings will begin July 15th. The BOE highly recommends that you first meet informally with the Assessor’s office. The board members include the County Commissioners, Surveyor, Auditor, and two citizens of the county appointed by the Commission. The Assessor and Clerk are non-voting members of the Board. The property owner is cautioned that failure to file with the BOE prevents any further appeal to the State Tax Commission.

3. STATE TAX COMMISSION HEARINGS: Hearings will be conducted only after you have appeared before the 2013 Board of Equalization and have filed proper forms with the State Tax Commission by September 30th or thirty days after the decision of the BOE, whichever is later. This appeal will be conducted on a formal basis. You will be expected to provide a private appraisal. For additional information, contact the State Tax Commission of Missouri, P.O. Box 146, Jefferson City, MO 65102, phone (573) 751-2414 or visit their website at There you can find the appeal forms, and additional information regarding your appeal to the State Tax Commission.

Even if you do not receive an increase in assessed valuation from the Assessor’s office, you must follow these same steps to appeal your 2013 property valuation. You can get your property valuation by calling the Assessor’s office at (660) 826-5000 ext 423, 414, 412, or 420. Appeals for 2013 cannot be made at the end of the year after tax bills are mailed.

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