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UCM releases Dean’s List

June 3, 2013

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Warrensburg, Mo. — The following local students have earned a spot on the University of Central Missouri Dean’s List. Each semester, the Dean’s List is divided into two parts. The first list includes the names of students who have achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average, and the second list includes the names of students who attained a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99.

4.0 Dean’s list at UCM

Andrea M Young, Nathan C Mefford, Brent E Jordan, Donald Atkinson, Cheridan R Newton, Martin L Edrington, Samantha G Setzer, Madelyn N Parkhurst, Phillip A Hawkins, Emily J Meek, Tyler D Shepard, Trevor A Durrill, Claire E Waldo, Casey E Brown, Jennifer E Holtz, Kirstin R Bergman, Dustin L Visentin, Samantha N Wheeler, Chelsey M Triplett, Lorelei R Schlomer, Donald Ramirez, Kolby L Andrews, Elizabeth L Braverman, Quincey E Cunningham, Wendy Schmolzi, all of Sedalia.

Bradley J Orell and Jill L Steffens, both of Cole Camp.

Haley D Davis of Green Ridge.

Terry K Gerke and Leslie M Tevis, both of Houstonia.

Danni L Zimmerman of Hughesville.

Jared J Drum and Angela F Boone, both of La Monte.

Shawna L Fisher of Smithton.

3.5 to 3.99 Dean’s list at UCM

Haley J Arnold, Daniel W Bridges, Cole P McMullin, Kollin R Sullivan, David R Dodson, Lydia J Henderson, Morgan R Parkhurst, Maximilian K Bocchine, Justin R Wiskur, Stephanie L Harvey, Lisa R Leonard, Yelena Sanchez, Kaylie E Schmutz, Abigail Lynn Denham, Leslie D Potter, Amber M Stoltman, Ryan J King, Jacob S Daleen, Tiah M Stevenson, Tolbert L Rowe, Taber J Messer Rebecca W Young, Madeline J Gardner, Sarah E Bryant, Hope A Powen and Emma K Kostopolus, all of Sedalia.

Dylan A Hoz-Kurland and Miranda Jean Davis, both of Cole Camp

Tera J Swearngin and Matthew A Hutsell, both of Green Ridge.

Charles S Boone, Charley J Barlow, Katie K Brandt and Laura C Close, all of La Monte.

Megan Glenn and Alyssa K Sena, both of Smithton.

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