BRHC Auxiliary installs Blackwell as new president

May 30, 2013

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At the May meeting of the Bothwell Auxiliary the following members received the following hours worked awards: Laura Beatty/900, Judy Bell/900, Martha Bridges/3000, Mary Buckley/600, Sherry Galliher/25, Carey Gutjahr/500, Foster McGuire/25 and Marcy Sandidge/100.

Donna Beeson and Cathie Reed were welcomed as new members.

Twelve auxiliary members had fun on May 8 as they delivered approximately 840 begonias to all of BRHC’s employees. The following members helped: Ruth Kerr, Mary Jo Stevenson, Sandy Taylor, Anna Marie Bellamy, Anna Craig, Marcy Sandidge, Mary Matz, Katren Kay Traylor, Virginia McAllister, Vickie Perry, Martha Bridges and Joyce Monroe.

Betty Sue Viterna and Joyce Monroe attended the District III meeting May 21 in Hannibal. The meeting was very informative with speakers dealing with the State Project of Overcoming Addiction.

Betty Blackwell was installed as President of the Auxiliary and Karen Kay Taylor as Secretary. They will take over June 1. Joyce Monroe was installed as scheduling chairman.

Judy Steele, Ice Cream Social Chairman, announced tickets were now available for the June 13th Ice Cream Social at the Bothwell Café.

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