Real Estate 5-28-13

May 28, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Dennis Rogers to Dennis C. Rogers, quit claim deed.

• Melina Espree Reno to Paul Eric Fletcher, quit claim deed.

• Douglas and Cynthia Kneibert to Jeffrey and Amber Burnett, warranty deed.

• S and W Foreclosure Corp. and Janet Sue and Raymond Coleman Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, foreclosure deed.

• Maud Ann Walter to Ernest Eugene Stotts, quit claim deed.

• Kenneth Tevis, trustee and Kenneth Tevis Trust to Kenneth O. Tevis, trustee, Helen M. Tevis, trustee and Tevis Family Trust, warranty deed (two transactions).

• South and Assciates PC and Mylinda Lee Miller to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, trustee’s deed.

• South and Associates PC and Nichole T. Phelps to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Brenda K. Hoffman, Travis R. Zimmerman, trustee and Farmers Home Administration to Terry D. and Christy L. Liebl and Robert K. and Delores A. Meyer, foreclosure deed.

• Taisia and Terry Gordon to Joseph and Alley Thara Baker and Thara Baker Alley, warranty deed (two transactions).

• Sonnyette Evon Bockelman and Estate of Thomas C. Blankenship to Wayne and Gayle Lamb, representative’s deed.

• Jeffrey W. and Teresa F. Hardy to Ryan C. Woolery and Rachel Esser, warranty deed.

• Sheryl R. and Lloyd Heisterberg, Jacqueline J. Eifert, Beverly A. and Wayne Schroeder and Barbara J. and Thomas Hohman to Fred T. and Alpha L. Baessler and Robin A. Blackburn, warranty deed.

• Daniel B. and Meleisha Towns to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• Sedalia Housing Authority to Marie and Kevin G. Holbert, warranty deed.

• Central Bank of Missouri to Melville Propertis LLC, warranty deeds (three transactions).

• Randy Gahrring to Roger M. and Diane L. Haug, warranty deed.

• Paul R. Beard II and Stacey A. Beard to David Ulmer, warranty deed.

• Mida G. and John William Robb to Ruthann McDonald and James Davis Robb, quit claim deed.

• Heather M. Flatt to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Stewart GRSW Real Estate Trust, warranty deed.

• GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Kourtney A. Cramer, warranty deed.

• June E. and Shane L. Edwards to Shaun L. Edwards, warranty deed.

• Julie A. Callicoat and Mary E. and Dennis Goodman to John W. and Bonnie Killion, quit claim deed.

• Joseph and Doris Alexander to Margaaret L. Harlan, warranty deed.

• Keith L. and Eldora F. Shrock to Vernon and Charlotte A. Kempf, warranty deed.

• John W. and Bonnie Killion to Julie A. Callicoat and Mary E. Goodman, quit claim deed.

• Julie Callicoat and Mary E. and Dennis Goodman to Oscar Farms LLC, warranty deed.

• Kathleen M. Randall to Michael D. Randall, trustee, Megan N. Farnham, trustee and Kathleen Randall Family Trust, quit claim deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank NA to Larry W. and Dorothy R. Arnett, warranty deed.

• Clifford E. and Ruby Price to Erle and Susan Price, warranty deed.

• Mary Donna Howland, trustee, and Eleanor Moody Revocable Trust to Danny T. Moore, trustee’s deed.

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