Election clerk enjoys the farm life, animals, tractors

May 15, 2013

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Cherre Bishop

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Election Clerk Cherre Bishop will mark her one-year anniversary with the Pettis County Clerk’s Office clerk’s office on June 18 and says she really enjoys her job.

“Nick is great to work for. He is a good guy,” Bishop said.

Bishop was born in Kansas City, Missouri but soon moved to Los Angeles. At the age of 10 she moved back to Missouri, where she attended high school at Ft. Osage High School in Independence, Missouri.

“I’ve been here in Missouri pretty much the whole time, except for three years when I was in Durango, Colorado.

After graduating from Ft. Osage High School, where Bishop finished in the top third of her class, she attended community college until deciding to work with disadvantaged youth.

“I decided to work with disadvantaged youth and I spent the next five or six years working with them.

“That was why I was in Colorado. I worked with the Mountain UTE Tribe, working with youth,” Bishop explained.

She added, “Working with youth is when I decided I had a lot of administrative/management skills and fund raising skills.”

After deciding what she wanted to do in life, Bishop went back to college and received a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Fundraising from Missouri Valley in Marshall, Missouri.

“I went and got my masters from Lindenwood and I was a graduate assistant for the dean at Missouri Valley. Lindenwood had a satellite location at Missouri Valley,” Bishop explained.

Bishop was asked how her position at the Pettis County Clerk’s Office came about.

“I was unemployed for approximately two years. I was going to the Missouri Career Center and they started an intern program.

“I came and interned with John Meehan for eight weeks. Nick liked my work ethic and hired me,” Bishop said.

Bishop is divorced and a mother of two. She has two daughters, Karissa Bishop, age 28, and Corina Bishop, age 22.

She also has one grandchild from Karissa and her son-in-law Everett. Their son is only nine months old and named Corbin.

Bishop was asked what she enjoys doing on her time away from the office.

“We live on 25 acres and my youngest wants to run a petting zoo.

“We raise miniature goats, ducks and chickens. She has a lot of plans,” Bishop said.

She added, “Farming is just about it. I love farming. I’ve bucked bales, cut hay and ran tractors.”

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