Letter to editor: Rolla went smoke-free already

May 9, 2013

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Rolla, Missouri passed a broad comprehensive smoke-free ordinance that went into effect January of 2012, one year and 4 months ago. There were many who claimed such a policy would hurt business, hurt Rolla, and leave folks upset and disappointed. Recently the city did a poll and found just the opposite.

A city survey of over 400 folks from Rolla found that 84% of the residents surveyed were in support of the City’s smoke-free workplace ordinance! Only 11% opposed the ordinance, and 5% did not have an opinion.

More than half (57%) indicated that the frequency they visited bars and restaurants remained the same since the ordinance was implemented; 29% indicated they visited bars and restaurants more frequently, and only 7% visited bars and restaurants less frequently, while 7 % had no opinion.

Support for smoke-free environments tends to increase dramatically as folks begin to enjoy smoke-free dining and socializing. I would like to see this be our city in one and one half years.

Jeanean Sieving, Chair
Clean Air Sedalia

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