Josh Tylar

May 8, 2013

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By Brian Pettis

Green Ridge High junior Josh Tylar is a young man of many talents. A golfer since age 10 and an avid basketball player, his dedication to those sports is matched by his dedication to several other hobbies, some of which are not always synonymous with athletics.

Tylar is involved in many student organizations around the school including the Future Business Leaders of America, the National Honor Society and the Spanish Club.

Of the three, he said he enjoys his time with FBLA the most.

“We do a lot of cool activities. We went to Colorado, things like that. It’s a more active group than some of the others,” Tylar said.

Tylar is also a member of Green Ridge’s basketball team, but given the option he prefers 18 holes to hoops.

“Golf’s my favorite sport. I’ve been playing for a long time and improving,” Tylar said.

He added, “It just feels good to play golf.”

He says he plays a lot of basketball outside of school though.

“I love playing basketball. It’s definitely my second favorite sport. I play a lot of pick up games with friends and stuff like that,” he said.

When asked what was more important between academics and athletics, Tylar said “Academics. If I don’t do well in a sport, then I have something to fall back on.”

He is currently carrying a 3.6 GPA, which becomes a 4.3 when adjusted for the weighted classes he also takes.

Tylar has recently become interested in studying computer repairs and network administration. He is one of two students in a Networking class at Green Ridge, where the curriculum consists of working hands on with the school’s systems administrators maintaining the servers and other networking equipment. He plans to attend college after graduating to continue studying Networking.

The highlight of Tylar’s golf season was a meet in Emma where he ended the day with a score of 41 overall.

“A bogey was the worst thing I shot all day. That was a pretty good day.” he said.

Tylar’s family includes his parents, Kevin and Teresa Tylar, as well as his younger brother who attends second grade at Green Ridge.

Tylar has the grades and academic resume so that college success and a future career in Networking are well within his reach. He still holds on to his love of golf.

“I’d much rather be a pro golfer, but I don’t know if I’m good enough yet. I just love playing golf.”

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