Real Estate 5-7-13

May 7, 2013

in Real Estate

These recent real estate transactions have been reported:

• Virgil A. and April Edgar to Preece Deborah Rutledge and Debrah Rutledge Preece — warranty deed.

• Charles E. Allcorn II, trustee, and Allcorn Family Trust to Mary E. Mittenburg — trustee’s deed.

• Benny K. Townsend to Andrey, Yemiliya and Marina A. Chobanu — warrnty deed.

• John and Terry Drum to Daniel K. Russell — warranty deed.

• Jared M. and Sara B. Nicholson to Ronald Dean and Mona M. McNeive — warranty deed.

• Marlene Oehrke to J. T. Reed — warranty deed.

• J. T. Reed to J. T. Reed and M. Joan Marsh — warranty deed.

• Storage Barn Builders LLC to Cheryl Ames — warranty deed.

• Jerry and Theresa Poteet to William L. and Mark E. Register — warranty deed.

• Jerry and Theresa Poteet to William L. Register — quit claim deed.

• Earl R. Schooler and Valerie F. Boelsen to Earl R. Schooler, trustee, Valerie F. Boelsen, trustee, Earl R. Schooler Revocable Inter Vivos Trust and Valerie F. Boelsen Revocable Inter Vivo Trust — quit claim deed.

• South an Associates PC and Amanda L. Vandiver to Bank of America NA — foreclosure deed.

• Bank of America NA to Arnold E. and Beulah Lee Peek — warranty deed.

• SS Farms LLC to JE Terra Firma LLC — warranty deed.

• Danny Ray and Elizabeth Eckles to Ozella F. Eckles — quit claim deed.

• Ozella Fern Eckles to Danny Ray Eckles — quit claim deed.

• Danny Ray and Mary Elizabeth Eckles to Brian Schreiber and Taylor Delph — quit claim deed.

• Ozella F. Eckles to Brian Schreiber and Taylor Delph — warranty deed.

• Sidney K. and Barbara K. Maybry to Travis S. Harms and Jennifer D. Holobaugh — warranty deed.

• Viktor and Vera Karpenchuk to Natalya Anderson — warranty deed.

• Viktor and Vera Karpenchuk to Linda Pitsul — warranty deed.

• Viktor and Vera Karpenchuk to Dmitriy Adereyko — warranty deed.

• Viktor and Vera Karpenchuk to Olga Bevzyuk — warranty deed.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to John E. and Constance A. Pope — warranty deed.

• Walter and Frances Clark to Walter Wayne Clark, trustee, Frances Louise Clark, turstee, Walter Wayne Clark Living Trust and Frances Louise Clark Living Trust — warranty deed.

• Gary Wayne. Bonnie Yarbrough Eck and Millsap and Singer PC to Federal National Mortgage Association — foreclosure deed.

• Sonya Hampy to Kenneth C. Hampy — quit claim deed.

• Janet Sue Ashcraft and Janet Sue Haugh to James Stephen Haugh — quit claim deed.

• Cory R. and Wendi Smith to Rodney J. and Marjorie Bankovich — warranty deed.

• John E. S. Ray to Shawnia and Kimm J. Motsinger — quit claim deed.

• Kimberly Renee Utz to Timothy J. Padgett — quit claim deed.

• Car Corral Inc. to E. W. Thompson Inc. — warranty deed.

• US Bank NA, trustee, to Richard Werdehausen — warranty deed.

• Dennis E. and Charlotte A. Scholl to Dennis E. Scholl, trustee, Charlotte A. Scholl, trustee and Scholl Family Trust — warranty deed.

• Charli Ackerman, trustee, and Georgia Gillum Revocable Trust to Norma J. and Larry E. Duckworth — trustee’s deed.

• James R. Blackurn, trustee and James R. Blackburn Revocable Living Trust to David N. Blackburn — trustee’s deed.

• Saranne and Charles E. Anderson to Saranne Anderson — quit claim deed.

• Dr. Herman Miller and Gloria Miller to Nancy Ann Miller — quit claim deed.

• Krista Padgett to Brandon Franklin and Krista Padgett — quit claim deed.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Pat Monsees — warranty deed.

• Wesley A. Hockemeyer and Joslyn I. Lewis to Steven Michcael and Rebekah J. Sullivan — warranty deed.

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