Real Estate 5-1-13

May 1, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Quit claim deed: Carolyn S. and Lynn R. Snow to Carolyn S. and Lynn R. Snow.

• Trustee’s deed: Jesse J. Crouch, trustee, and Jesse J. Crouch Revocable Living Trust to H. Lynn and Wanda L. Adams.

• Quit claim deed: Joseph A. and Starla W. Graves to Joseph A. and Starla W. Graves.

• Conservator deed: James Richard Waddell, conservator, and estate of Virginia Louise Wood to Mar R. Hall.

• Warranty deed: Johnson Farms Inc. to Rickey G. Christian Jr. and Mandi Christian.

• Warranty deed: Lois J. Ditzfeld to Mathew E. Bahner and Stephanie J. Sinclair.

• Warranty deed: Central Bank of Missouri to Stanley R. Dillon.

• Foreclosure deed: Kozeny anbd McCubbin LC and Albert President to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

• Quit claim deed: Walter G. and Judith F. Weller to Third National Bank of Sedalia.

• Warranty deed: Kenneth M. and Brenda K. Dake, Joel E. and Catherine M. Dake to Thomas Lynn Cartwright Jr.

• Warranty deed: Deborah K. Rutledge Preece, Preece Deborah K. Rutledge and Amos R. Preece to Jorge Luis Zauara Rivera, Danira Sofia Azura Rivera, Jorge Luis Rivera Azuara and Danira Sofia Rivera Azuara.

• Foreclosure deed: Millsap and Singer PC, Gabriel and Lori Salazar to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• Quit claim deed: Elroy L. Schroeder to Elroy L. Schroeder, trustee, and Elroy L. Schroeder Trust.

• Warranty deed: Roger Marcum to Jacob N. and Cassandra Kay Wassam.

• Warranty deed: Dwayne R. and Tina M. Thomas to Celedonio Rangel and Maria G. Guterez.

• Warranty deed: Herbert D. and Judy A. Townsend to Samuel T. Babcock.

• Foreclosure deed: Stanley B. Cox LLC, trustee, Justin and Christina Schultz to Linda J. Krebs, co-successor trustee, Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust.

• Foreclsure deed: Stanley B. Cox LLC, trustee, David A. and Ahrazue M. Wilt to Simmons First National Bank.

• Warranty deed: Gerald and Joyce Wiltz to Juan Matacua Quetcecua.

• Warranty deed: Faulkner Enterprizes Inc. to Mark A. Johnson.

• Warranty deed: Central Bank of Missouri to Matz Properties Partnership.

• Warranty deed: Matz Properties Partnership to Paul Iske.

• Wararnty deed: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Tiger Land and Property LLC.

• Warranty deed: Douglas and Jamie Barklage and Bobby D. Barklage to Whitney D. Poppinga.

• Final settlement: Estate of William Richard Gieschen to Theresa B. Gieschen.

• Warranty deed: Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to MWCK Investments LLC.

• Quit claim deed: Shaun R. and Kimson N. Weston to Anita Snodgrass.

• Warranty deed: Walter T. and Jacquelyn L. Bell to Jonathan David and Rebecca Ann Hannah.

• Warranty deed: Michael L.and Mary Kathryn Denight to Cheryle L. and Roger Bowers Sr. and Pennie Lane.

• Warranty deed: Chad C. McRoy to G. Brandon and Mary J. Rex.

• Warranty deed: Jeffrey Sandelman, co-trustee, Allison Schreier, co-trustee, Tracy Brewer, co-trustee and Fundementals Company Trust to Missouri CVS Pharmacy LLC.

• Warranty deed: Adam T. and Elizabeth Scott to Denis I. and Irina V. Procopisen.

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