Joplin Foundation hires new director

April 30, 2013

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Kyle Siegel

The board of the Scott Joplin Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Kyle Siegel as the director of the foundation and manager of the store. Not only has Siegel had to hit the ground running due to the upcoming festival June 5 to 8, but he has also had to help get the store running at its new location, 507 S. Ohio.

Siegel began his first day in the office on April 25. He will have the office open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Siegel, at age 35, is excited to bring all of his experience to serve the Ragtime Foundation. He has dealt with many musicians over the years as he has organized five “Subculture Showcases” and other concerts over a seven-year period. After hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he organized a charity concert and raised funds to send to that city.

For three years, he was one of the planners of the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk fundraiser, and he recently planned a skateboard tournament that raised funds for both the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and lights at the skate park in Katy Park.

Siegel said he considered himself a people person and he enjoyed working with the public. The brief time he had held a factory job let him know that the day-to-day routine was not what suited him. In his 17 years of employment, he has shown the ability to handle all tasks and to rise to the level of management if it was an option, so taking on the director’s job enticed him.

“I’m familiar with the festival after working and living downtown,” Siegel said. “I enjoyed getting to the venues during my lunch break.”

The first few days have been a bit overwhelming with all of the new things to learn, including the store’s merchandise, but Siegel acknowledges that this year’s festival is set to be as great as ever.

“It is a learning experience since I came on board late in the year,” Siegel said. “I am using this year to learn but I am doing my fair share. I have a strong board to assist me, and I am here to assist the board as well.”

He also stated that the board had shared the many responsibilities and gotten the four-day festival well planned, with only a few last minute things to handle in the next month. For example, he was using his computer research skills to locate a new cash register that would meet the needs of the store and communicate with the computer system used for inventory control.

Siegel currently serves as vice president of the Sedalia Park Board, and he continues to coach youth baseball.

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