Real Estate 4-24-13

April 24, 2013

in Real Estate

These real estate transactions were reported recently:

• Foreclosure deed — Millsap and Singer PC, Linda J. and David Arron Pritchard to EverBank.

• Warranty deed — Anna Edwards to Carlos Reynaldo Talavera and Renaldo Talavera Carlos.

• Quit claim deed — Larry E. and Donna K. Holdren to Robert L. Holdren.

• Warranty deed — Robert L. Holdren to Justin M. Severa.

• Conservator deed — Charli Ackerman, conservator, and estate of Samuel D. Scott to Gerkens Properties.

• Warranty deed — Othel Inc. to Dillner Enterprises LLC.

• Warranty deed — Wade S. and Angel Hughes to Joseph and KIimberly Oleiniczak.

• Warranty deed — Frederick P. and Ruth E. Rialti to Dolan R. and Gayle M. Smith.

• Warranty deed — Jimmy L. Fairfax Jr. and Amber N. Fairfax to Douglas B. and Denise M. Newell.

• Warranty deed — Government National Mortgage Association to William B. and Carolyn A. Schwartz.

• Quit claim deed — Vasily Chobanu and Natalya Perhzu to Andrey and Yemiliya Chobanu.

• Warranty deed — Andrey and Yemiliya Chobanu to Chelsey Kroeger.

• Warranty deed — Danny L. Kost to Timothy Charles and Nancy Ann Welch.

• Warranty deed — Floyd and Patricia Thomson to Joslyn Lewis.

• Quit claim deed — Harold L. and Kathryn A. Burt to Andrew S. and Tonya A. Burt.

• Warranty deed — Shirley A. Morris and Pamela R. Paxton to John H. and Audrey M. Bigelow.

• Quit claim deed — Ryan Booze to Michael Byrd.

• Warranty deed — Central Bank of Missouri to Michael A Fillicetti.

• Warranty deed — ET Investments LLP to Keele Construction Inc.

• Warranty deed — Betty Jean Braswell to Mark J. Lawler.

• Warranty deed — Evelyn J. Wurl to Jimmie Joe Erfurth and Susan Lynn Campbell.

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