S-H Gremlin tennis team shuts out Boonville

April 17, 2013

in Roundup

The Sacred Heart tennis Gremlins shutout Boonville 9-0 Tuesday at the Liberty Park courts.

In doubles, Sacred Heart’s Ky Oh and Jay Kim won 9-8 (7-2). At #2 doubles, Chris Stratton and Erin Keethler won 8-2 and Jimmie Villalobos and Grace Callis won 8-2 at #3 doubles.

In singles, Oh won 8-2, Kim won 8-4, Stratton won 8-2, Keethler won 8-3, Villalobos won 8-3 and Callis won 8-0.

Sacred Heart won the junior varsity match 4-0.

Shyann Shaffley and Jesse Carroll won 6-1 at #1 doubles. Aaron Romero and Sho Saito won 6-3 at #2 doubles. Joe Lee and Chandon Reese won 6-1 at #3 doubles Megan Ortmeyer and Aaron Church won 6-1 at #4 doubles.

In JV singles, Adrian Gonzalez won 6-0.

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