Real Estate Transactions 4-16-13

April 16, 2013

in Real Estate

These recent real estate transaction reports have been received:

• Dale L. and Patricia A. Whitfield to Butch L. Christian, warranty deed.

• Mark K. and Angela Foster to Mark K. and Angela Foster, quit claim deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank NA to Robert D. and Katherine E. Paul, warranty deed.

• Stubbs Development LLC to R. Wayne and N. Viola Rhoads, warranty deed.

• Bonnie Elaine and Ronald Ray Weathers to Wilhelmina Jo Williams an Jerry Wayne Cook, quit claim deed.

• Martha Ann and Colly Jane Durley to Hunter Durley, quit claim deed.

• Paul R. and Weatia J. Cannon and Michael R. Mundwiller, trustee, to Legends Bank, foreclosure deed.

• David D. and Linda K. Henderson to Jeffery A. and Jill T. Hanes, warranty deed.

• Jarmey and Erin M. Martin to William Alexander Heimsoth and Rebecca Ann Sveom, warranty deed.

• Scott D. Jenkins to Ronald Z. and Linda M. Wilson, warranty deed.

• William D. and Marylee J. Stephens and Barbara Saleh to Keele Construction Inc., warranty deed.

• Misty D. Dyer, trustee, and Larry Walter Arnold Trust to Larry Walter Arnold, (nine transactions) warranty deeds.

• Matthew A. and Jessica M. Johnson to Matthew A. and Jessica M. Johnson, warranty deed.

• Judith A. Clark, trustee, and Judith A. Clark Trust to Jedidiah and Tara West, trustee’s deed.

• Patricia S. Cramer to Gary D. and Monica Holman, warranty deed.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC and Lacinda Rutherford to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Shirley A. and Will F. Finlay to Tina and Dwayne Thomas, quit claim deed.

• Ned E. Lindstrm III to Amanda Lindstrom, quit claim deed.

• Virgil L. and Lettie L. Weis to Chad V. Weis, warranty deed.

• Ryan and Sheila Galliher to Matthew A. Johnson, warranty deed.

• Danny Chris and Debra Swaim Thompson to Charles Gregory Slagle, warranty deed.

• Sharon and Keith Thompson to Judith Letourneau Mabry, warranty deed.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brett D. Denomme, warranty deed.

• Donald D. Hirner II and Julie Hirner to Jacob and Ashley Graff, warranty deed.

• James D. Menefee, trustee, and Terrence J. Menefee Trust to Carolyn Sperry, trustee’s deed.

• Linda J. Krebs, trustee, Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust to Maria Gomez, trustee’s deed.

• Alice Grupe to Gregory Allen and Gordon Mark Grupe, warranty deed.

• Travis W. Jones to Keith D. Roth, quit claim deed.

• Derek D. Smith to Kroeger Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Central Bank of Missouri to April Hawkins and John Gowin, warranty deed.

• John B. and Marietta M. Singleton to Roquet Rentals LLC, warranty deed.

• Mellon Bank of New ork to Gary Coulter, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to William J. and Nancy K. McDowell, warranty deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Richard Bozarth, warranty deed.

• Richard J. and Rebecca J. Streff to Richard J. Streff, trustee, Rebecca J. Streff, trustee, and Bent Creek Ranch Trust, warranty deed.

• Ronnie D. Bush Jr. and Stacey N. Bush to Garcia Luis Gonzalo Martinez and Luis Gonzalo Martinez Garcia, warranty deed.

• Main Line Ventures LLC to R. Wayne and M.Viola Rhoads, warranty deed.

• Kevin L. Zimmerman to Kevin L. Zimmerman, trustee, Karen L. Zimmerman, trustee, and Kevin L. Zimmerman Living Trust, warranty deed.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC and Barbara G. Erickson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., foreclosure deed.

• William Harold Richart II to Joseph C. and Alison M. Kowalski, quit claim deed.

• South and Associates PC, Shannon P. Correll and Laurie Ann Reynolds to Robert K. and Delores A. Meyer, foreclosure deed.

• Dixie F. Fasl, David E. and Bruce J. Kemp to Dixie F. Fasl, David E. and Bruce J. Kemp, quit claim deed.

• Alan G. Goodnight to Alan Goodnight Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• Kathy Joan Imhauser Meeks and Loren A. Meeks to Jimmy L. Fairfax Jr. and Amber N. Fairfax, warranty deed.

• William John Imhauser II, Rebecca I. Imhauser, Cheryl Jean Imhauser Cunningham and Ronald D. Cunningham to Jimmy L. Faifax Jr. and Amber N. Fairfax, warranty deed.

• Brenton James Imhauser and Marie C. Imhauser to Jimmy L. Fairfax Jr. and Amber Fairfax.

• Larry and Tammy Bergsieker to Rodolfo Moreno and Melvin E. Powders, warranty deed.

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