MAP test motivation

April 15, 2013

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Smithton R-6 students in grades K-6 attended a MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) assembly on Monday after in anticipation of MAP testing on Tuesday.

“We have been planning for this since August,” said Smithton Elementary Principal Amy Cox, “but we have actually been practicing the assembly since Jan. 1 — anything to motivate our kids.”

Grades 3-6 take the required MAP test (by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Seconday Education), while K-2 take the Sanford 10 Test, “still very important to all of us,” Cox noted.

“The state sets a bar, they expect us to rise and meet that, and wee atempt to do it every year,” she said. Results of the MAP testing will be released to the school next fall.

Faculty, parents and students participated in the assembly in the new gym, with the rest of the student body cheering them on. The Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing” was the theme for the half-hour assembly, which included a bit of Gangnam-style dancing by faculty members. “It worked well for us,” Cox stated. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.


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