Local teen leaders plan Carpe Diem Fest for this Saturday

April 11, 2013

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From left: Alexi Goodson, Abby Monsees and Michaela Pomajzl.

By Kyle Siegel

Staff writer

On Saturday, April 13 the Mayor’s Junior Civic Leaders Group will be hosting the Carpe Diem Festival in downtown Sedalia. The event is aimed at the youth of Sedalia and will be held from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

“They are planning this event to be a youth, family oriented event. They determined that there is not a lot in the community for the youth to do,” Mayor Elaine Horn said.

The Mayor’s Junior Civic Leaders Group consists of five students from Smith-Cotton High School.

The group includes, S-C senior Hannah Ott, senior Jovana Cervantes, junior Michaela Pomajzl, junior Abby Monsees and junior Alexi Goodson.

Mayor Horn was asked what the purpose of the group is.

Mayor Mary Elaine Horn established the group in the fall of 2012.

“I was part of Leadership Sedalia in 2011-2012; the first year the adult and youth leadership groups were combined.

“I was very impressed with the student representatives’ involvement in every aspect of that year’s project (the downtown historic markers). I graduated from that class excited about creating a hands-on opportunity for teens to learn more about their city government.

“This group’s goal is to provide and event for youth and families in Sedalia. The reason I wanted to do this group was to showcase the talent of the youth in our community.

“These young ladies are very energetic and determined to involve all the youth they can, which is their major goal,” Horn explained.

The Carpe Diem Festival will include booths from a large number of vendors, including various organizations throughout the city.

From 10:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. the majority of the festivals’ events will centered around the town square. There will be a chili cook-off, an antique car show, an art show at the Liberty Center and performances from Sedalia school students.

There will also be a Kid’s Alley, which includes bounce houses, games and events designed for children.

After 5 p.m. the events will move down to the northern section of Sedalia’s downtown area around the intersection of Main Street and Ohio Avenue.

A Battle of the Bands will be held in the Maple Leaf Park at 105 N. Lamine. There will also be karaoke provided in the City parking lot between 103 W. Main and 113 W. Main.

The News-Journal had a chance to speak with most of the young ladies on the Mayor’s Junior Civic Leaders Group about the upcoming festival and there thoughts on the group.

Group member Hannah Ott explained the festival in her own words.

“On April 13 we are having a festival called Carpe Diem. We are trying to get the community together and the youth of Sedalia to participate.

“There are going to be vendors there. Different organizations throughout the high school are going to participate. The teachers are going to have a chili cook-off,” Ott said.

Group member Michaela Pomajzl was asked how she first got started with the group and what some of her duties are for the festival.

“One of my teachers really pushed that I should apply for the group and the Mayor emailed me later and said I was in.

“It is a lot of fun. It really makes you work hard. I’ve been working on getting a few vendors, working with the bands and the chili cook-off. I have a few specific jobs, not just one,” Pomajzl said.

Member Abby Monsees spoke of the way she became involved in the group and what she has taken from it.

“My aunt is a teacher and she basically gave me the application and told me to fill it out now.

“Any leadership opportunity I have, I take it. Any community group, I love those too. I love getting involved,” Monsees said.

Monsees went on to explain some of her duties for the festival.

“I am pretty much in charge of advertisement. I also do a lot with Kid’s Alley,” Monsees explained.

S-C junior Alexi Goodson was informed about the group by one of her teachers.

“Miss Scheiner, she encouraged me to get the form. I am doing the chili cook-off and I’ve been working with the fire department to do stuff. The Mayor has helped us out a lot, and how to deal with people and how the real world jobs work,” Goodson said.

Member Jovana Cervantes was not able to attend the meeting and the News-Journal was unable to speak with her by press time.

If anyone has any questions about the festival, they may call the Mayor’s Office at 660-827-3000, extension 145. Photo by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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