Real Estate 4-10-13

April 10, 2013

in Real Estate

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Todd J. and Maria A. Letourneau.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Carina Torres Lopez.

• Melon Bank of New York to Gary L. and Roberta L. Karchner.

• Leonard D. and Sheryle L. Scott to Arthur and Rita Twenter.

• Clyde Michcael Kanenbley and Pamela L. Bahner to Donna Bahner.

• James A. Opfer to William N. Taylor, truste, Penny L. Taylor, trustee and Taylor Family Trust.

• Melody B. and William T. Parris to William T. and Melody B. Parris.

• Virginia Malan to Beulah L. and Arnold E. Peek.

• Erica A. Aguilar to Mildred M. Linares.

• Vitaliy and Mariya Novatskiy to DAS Construction LLC.

• Beard Family Dental LLC to Anthony K. and Kathryn B. Beard.

• R. Scott Gardner, Pettis County trustee to Jerry and Theresa Poteet.

• Government National Mortgage Association to Frank and Lisa Bell.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Amanda L. Davis to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Brandie M. Stowell to Goverment National Mortgage Association.

• Estate of Edward P. Fanter to Lyudmyla Fanter.

• David L. and Carrie D. McCoy to Karl D. and Denise J. Jaegers.

• John E. and Jeanna Lynn Scott to Anita Snodgrass.

• Corey Nobel Weston to Anita Snodgrass (two transactions).

• Jennifer G. Bottcher to Kevin D. Staus.

• Lou Eva Burnett to Harvard F. and Judith K. Ebers Moriarty.

• Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Vitalii Ballaban.

• Stanley B. Cox LLC, trustee, and Henry and Marilyn J. Westberry to Simmons First National Bank.

• Myron J. Riha to Vyacheslav and Anastasia Miroshnichenko.

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Joyce Dean Young and Margaret P. Emery to Brandy Lynne and George McKernon, warranty deed.

• Opal L. Zimmerschied and Mary Ann Richwine to Kevin W. and Robin L. Wagenknecht, warranty deed.

• Earl Wallace Cory Jr. and Earl Wayne Bickley to Betty L. Bickley, warranty deed.

• Sammy G. and Margaret D. Mehan to Sammy G. Mehan Trust, quit claim deed.

• David R. Lamb to Debra Lynn Lamb, quit claim deed.

• Renee Schwermer to Renee Schwermer and Stephen Twenter, quit claim deed.

• Ryan M. and Brittany McClanahan to Yegevniy S. Zykin, warranty deed.

• Citizens Farmers Bank of Cole Camp to Brent Degreene, warranty deed.

• Melon Bank of New York to Heather M. Smith and Adam B. Scheid, warranty deed.

• Paul D. and Jeny M. Roe to Paul Thomas Gardner and Erica Kaye Jonson, warranty deed.

• Robbert Scott and Kimberly Poertner to Robert S. and Barbara Sue Leftwich, warranty deed.

• Ray E. Vogel, Florentino Alice Lee Vogel and Alice Lee Vogel Florentino to David D. Jasper, warranty deed.

• First Citizens Bank and Trust Co. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• William J. Shumake to Shumake Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• Joshua A. and Laura E. Cornine to Brandon Stovall, warranty deed.

• Ashley and Jacob Graff to Alan J. Powell, warranty deed.

• HLI Inc. to S and DS Pooch Dooos LLC, warranty deed.

• Daniel L. Davis Sr. to Daniel S. Davis Sr. and Elvia J. Ford, quit claim deed.

• Lorraine O’Connor to Michael D. Brown, trustee, Rhonda J. Brown, trustee, and Brown Family Trust, quit claim deed.

• South and Associates PC, Virginia Angelique and James R. Currey to Walter Clark, foreclosure deed.

• Warren Bruce Wolfe, trustee, Harriet Ann Wolfe, trustee, and Wolfe Family Trust to Edward D. and Holly R. Andrews, trustee’s deed.

• Richard M. Rector to Tara N. Garrigus, warranty deed.

• Barbara J. Priesmeyer to Doug Briscoe and Steven Hayworth, (two transactions), warranty deeds.

• Donna S. Ramey, trustee, Jeffrey A. Wilcox, trustee, and Lorena R. Wilcox Revocable Living Trust to Donald L. Ramey Jr. and Donna S. Ramey, trustee’s deed.

• Lester S. Harrell Jr. and Julia Deane Harrell to Lester S. Harrell Jr., trustee, Julia Deane Harrell, trustee, and Harrell Family Trust Agreement, warranty deed.

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