Big changes in works for Bryant Motors

April 10, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Big things are in the process of happening at Bryant Motor Company, located at 2901 S. Limit, as their facility is undergoing a transformation.

“The first big thing we are going to do is add a new service drive,” Kyle Herrick said.

The new service drive area will consist of a open air, carport type entrance for customers to bring their vehicles through. It will also include two new offices for employees.

One new feature to the facility has Herrick really excited.

“What I am really excited about is the three-foot retaining wall that is getting put in.

“It will give us a nice, level transition for cars, to be able to drive them across from one side to another,” Herrick said.

The new retaining wall will allow Bryant Motors to showcase some of their vehicles, allowing passersby and customers to see the quality automobiles in a highly visible manner.

Currently vehicles are showcased outside on a grass embankment.

Another new improvement to Bryant Motors will be the improved and expanded showroom.

“We are going to add 1,300 square feet to the showroom,” Herrick said.

An expanded showroom, new service drive and a new three foot retaining wall are not the only additions and improvements to Bryant Motors.

“Currently our part’s department occupies some space where the new customer lounge will be.

“We are going to have a new parts department on the south side of the building. It will be about 1,100 square feet,” Herrick explained.

The new customer lounge will feature new, comfortable seating, a big screen television and a soda machine.

“We are going to do an honor system pop machine for the customers,” Herrick said.

He added, “We are also going to put in a stove so we can bake cookies and items for the customer.”

Herrick was asked when the project is expected to be completed.

“We are doing this in four phases. We are currently in phase two. We hope to be pretty much finished up by the middle of July,” Herrick explained.

There will also be an improvement to the current office situation.

“The new offices will have a lot of glass. It will be more of a modern look. It will have a lot of glass, tile and bright lights. We are going to do LED lights in here also.

“It will be a lot more energy efficient than what we are doing. It is another way to go green,” Herrick said.

In the past 15 months, Bryant Motors has seen some significant growth and that shows by the adding of six new positions.

“We are growing and business is good,” Herrick said.

He added, “We think our future here in Sedalia is strong. We are here to stay and our customers are worth it.” Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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