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Arrests 4-10-13

April 10, 2013

in Police Reports

These recent arrest reports have been released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Samuel David Woolery, 21, 1611 West Third, 48-hour commitment.

• Melissa Rae Keele, 24, 1820 South Osage, failure to appear, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia; failure to appear, possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana; failure to appear, driving while revoked.

• Isai Ramirez Tello, 23, 440 Albright Court, operating a vehicle without a valid license.

• Jason R. Sash, 39, 1322 East Seventh, failure to appear, possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana.

• Erik M. Elkins, 34, Nevada, Mo., attempted stealing; probation violation.

• Michael D. Iman, 25, 1306 East Third, 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia; 24-hour hold, unlawful use of a weapon.

• Zachary Alan Robeisek, 24, 2804 Meadow Wood Drive, five-day commitment, possession of marijuana.

• Jerwin Brown Callaway, 27, 255 Scott Joplin Court, four-day commitment, driving while revoked.

• Steven Sei, 17, 917 West Third, displaying the plates of another person; operating a vehicle without a valid license; receiving stolen property.

• Gloria Jeanette Kinder, 58, 502 East 13th, 24-hour hold, attempted stealing.

• Bradley James Luetjen, 34, Ionia, failure to appear on felonies, multiple charges.

• Robert Earl Anderson, 28, 802 Ruth Ann Drive, non-support of a minor child; failure to appear and failing to obey a judge’s order.

• Theresa Louise Hilborn, 60, 1302 South Ohio, probation violation, passing bad checks.

• Ora Dawn Beibe, 21, Warrensburg, three-day commitment, possession and contempt of court.

• Brian Keith Dempsey, 29, Windsor, 48-hour commitment.

• Aaron Michael Pottorff, 20, St. Joseph, probation violation.

• Seth Paul Loggins, 25, Warrensburg, third degree assault; 24-hour hold, second degree assault.

• Tiffanie Loraine O’Malley, 36, Knob Noster, failure to appear on possession or displaying the motor vehicle trailor plates of another; falure to appear, operating a vehicle on the highway without a valid license.

• Lisa Lynn Curry, 45, 309 North Heard, failure to appear; attempting to manufacture a controlled substance, persistent offender; providing precursor materials to another with intent to illegally manufacture.

• Deborah R. Frailey, 40, Indedence, failure to appear, possession of contraband in a jail.

• Rochelle Janeen Baker, 29, Kansas City, failure to appear on felony non-support.

• Gordell Eugene Poindexter, 22, 308 East Cooper, hold for Department of Corrections.

• Brent Thomas Warren, 21, Kansas City, fasilure to appear, unlawful possession of a weapon.

• Robert Johnathon Matvya, 30, 3100 Brianna Blvd., second degree burglary; second degree property damage.

• Joshua Michael Keith, 33, 818 West Seventh, Benton County, failure to appear on felony non-support (two counts).

• Robert S. Simmons, 32, 1307 South Moniteau, failure to appear, speeding.

• Carl Beard, 34, 3097 Marigold Road, Cooper County, failure to appear on no-seatbelt.

• Beverly Ann McCall, 57, 604 South Barrett, probation violation, stealing.

• Terri Sue Williams, 37, 1501 West Main, third degree domestic assault; resisting or interfering with an arrest.

• Donald Allen Brown, 38, 605 East 13th, 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with an arrest; 24-hour hold, peace disturbance.

• Claudine Shavawn Cozine, 29, 1305 East Boonville, failure to appear.

• Thelma Jane Chilcoat, 39, St. Joseph, passing a bad check; St. Joseph Police, failure to appear.

• Anthony Michael Bray, 41, 504 East Second, 24-hour hold, second degree domestic assault.

• Jessica Marie Pruitt, 21, 521 South Lafayette, failure to appear, theft.

• Cody Christian Paxton, 20, 921 East Boonville Road, 48-hour commitment, tampering.

• Chad William Marcum, 17, 1721 South Summit, 48-hour commitment, possession or use of drugs, paraphernalia.

• Nicole Lynn VanHook, 19, 805 West Fourth, suspended or revoked license.

• Kirk Anthony Ayers, 44, 3017 Brooking Park Ave., 48-hour commitment, driving while revoked.

• Angelica Marie Davis, 18, 1511 South Vermont, suspended or revoked license.

• Michael Lewis Shepherd, 34, 635 East Ninth, second degree burglary; second degree domestic assault.

• Gabriel Lee Terry, 25, 1312 East Third, failure to appear, peace disturbance.

• Angelia Lynn Gerloff, 39, 24050 Highway 765, Lot 24, failure to appear; 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked.

• Britni Yvonne Crabb, 28, Eldon, Miller County for probation violation.

• John David Mullins, 56, 662 East 11th, displaying the plates of another person; receiving stolen property.

• Ronald Duncan, 32, 229 Scott Joplin Court, suspended or revoked license; failure to appear, non-support.

• Elizabeth April Bradley, 34, 1009 South Ohio, failure to appear, speeding.

• Chad Kelly Arnwine, 42, 208 South Engineer, 24-hour hold, drugs, possession of a controlled substance.

• Nathanael Roch Bailey, 20, 3000 Winge Ave., public peace disturbance (two counts); resisting or interfering with an arrest.

• Alphonso Capone Ferguson, 26, 1608 South Stewart, probation or parole violation, leaving the scene; third degree assault; driving while revoked.

• William Lavell Taylor, 21, 1300 South Harrison, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Bryan Matthew Stevenson, 32, 1936 East 28th, failure to appear, theft of property valuede at less than $500; 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; 24-hour hold, use or possssion of drug paraphernalia; 24-hour hold, selling amphetamine.

• Brandon Te Ashcraft, 30, 30270 Lee Road, 24-hour hold, unlawful use of a weapon; 24-hour hold, first degree assault; 24-hour hold, armed criminal action; 24-hour hold, endangering the welfare of a child.

• Gerardo M. Madrigul, 29, 1101 South Harding, 24-hour hold, second degree trespassing; 24-hour hold, identity theft; no driver’s license.

• Eric Ryan Janes, 27, 229 South Quincy, probation violation.

• Angela Ilene Teeter, 35, 706 East Ninth, probation violation, stealing.

• Todd Christopher Streb, 39, 6307 Bluebird Circle, failure to appear on failing to display plates.

• David Eugene Dawson, 53, 410 North Prospect, harassment.

• Paul M. Witten, 55, 501 West Seventh, 24-hour hold, drugs, possession with intent to deliver.

• Anthony Allen Norton, 50, 1804 South Missouri, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

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