City approves purchases for Fire Dept.; clarifies IT job description

April 3, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met for their regular meeting this past Monday evening, where on a night with a light agenda, they approved a bid for four breathing apparatus’ to be used by the Sedalia Fire Department.

The council approved the purchase of four Scott Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Units to be used by the fire department.

The bid was submitted by Feld Fire Equipment Company of Grain Valley.

The cost per unit was $5,046.94 for a total of $20,187.

The Sedalia Fire Department also bid on extra carbon cylinders with a unit cost of $596.99.

The total for the four cylinders came in at $2,387. The total bid package cost came in at $22,574.

This had already been budgeted and the purchase was advisable because of an anticipated price increase for the units.

In other council business, they approved two ordinances pertaining to the Menard’s Plaza.

The first ordinance approved was for the granting of a permanent utility easement from GUESA USA, LLC.

The property is located in the area of West Highway 50 and Oak Grove Lane, and adjoins the Menard’s Plaza subdivision.

The council also approved and accepted a permanent utility easement from Menard Inc.

The property is located in the Menard’s Plaza subdivision and adjoins the GUESA USA, LLC property.

The council also voted to repeal sections 14-77, 14-78, 14-79 and section 14-80 in the Code of Ordinances in relation to the Perpetual Cemetery Fund.

Before the repeal process was approved, the fund could never be effectively uses by the City Cemetery Department.

After being repealed the monies from this fund will only be used for cemetery expenses.

The continual care of the cemetery will be assured by the City of Sedalia’s General Fund each year.

The council approved a new job classification and job description for a PC and Network Support Specialist.

The council approved the new and amended job descriptions. This is a new position approved by the city council.

The document was reviewed by the city’s IT Department, H.R. Department and the city administration.

The minimum requirements for the position include an associate’s degree in technology or related field of study from an accredited institution and a minimum of two years experience working as an IT Technician in a business or professional environment of the same or similar size.

The minimum requirements also include any equivalent combination of education, certification and experience. It also requires a valid Missouri Driver’s License and all applicants must be able to successfully complete a pre-employment drug screen and be subject to random drug screening throughout the employment.

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