Real Estate 4-1-13

April 1, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Teresa Lynn and John Mark Gorse, Robin Lee and Debra Jean Kimber and Mark Alan Kimber to Harry C. Hoffert III and Julie Hoffert.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC, Chris A. Harris, David and Ahrazue M. Wilt to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• James T. Buckley, trustee and Helen W. Mason Trust to Plaza Medical Building LC.

• James T. Buckley, trustee, and Helen W. Mason Trust to ADV Sedalia Associates LLC.

• Prairie Heights LLC to Mary K. Beard MD LLC.

• Arvol Barton Jr. and Janet Barton to William McNeil Trout Jr.

• Government National Mortgage Association to Twyla Sockness.

• Andrew S. and Danielle R. Schroeder to Elroy L. Schroedr.

• Elroy L. Schroeder to Andrew S. and Danielle R. Schroeder.

• George R. Thompson Jr., trustee, George R. Thompson Trust and Margaret A.Thompson Trust to David Morinello II and Ita Sari Morinello.

• Gerald J. and Joyce E. Wiltz to Jamie L. King.

• Robert L. Heitmeyer, trustee, Laura L. Heitmeyer, trustee and Heitmeyer Family Trust to Rick E. and Darlene Meyer.

• Nikolay and Lyubov Prokopchuk to Deborah L. Carter.

• Cirese Investment Co., George Giffin III, Patricia Ann Polston, Nile C. Woolery II, Norma Kat Woolery, Kenneth Dale Monsees Trust, Lin Monsees Trust, Dwight Allen and Freida Strange, Hostetler Sales and Construction, Sedalia ColdStorage Co. Inc., Robert L. and Sharon M.Cummings, Brent Degreene, Kristy Fisher Bluhm, ADC Cleaning Products Inc., Jerry and Missy Marie Todd, Jack D. and Sue B. Wright, Kevin and Dena Perkins, Judith M. Wasson, Furnell Investments Inc., Doris Goti-shan, American Mechanical Contractor, Rice Industries Inc., Lange Feeds, Melville Properties LLC, Faulkner Enterprises Inc., Donnie and Melissa Hayworth, Wesley and Amy Dunkin, Cheryl M. Albin, Main Line Ventures Inc., Brad and Mary Kindle, Larry Bell, Larry G. and Lea Anne Bell, Triple C LLC, Razamzhon and Olga Tadzhidayev, James E. and Nancy J. Finley, Clifford D. and Peggy Van Dyne, Stuart R. Smith Revocable Trust, John R. and Carol A. Houston, James F. and Velma L. Dickman, R. Ball Inc., Gerald L. and Wanda M. Baker, Vladmir M. and Helana Tveretinov, Russel A. and Julie A. Childers, Walter C. Jennings, Michael P. and Darleta L. Buso, Everett C. and Mary C. Wood, Gregory Z. and Kelly J. Chaplin, HLI Europe LLC, Michael D. and Rhonda J. Brown, James L. and Carolyn S. Foster, Rinehart Storage LLC, Margaret L. Bowles, trustee, C L G LLC, Southern Supply Co., Quality Rubber Co. Inc., Pettis County Prop Co., Howard Farms Inc., Sedalia Pettis County Development Corp., Negro M.E. Church, APAC Mo. Inc., Arthur J. and Olivia Borgmeyer, Marvin T. and Ruth A. Eaves, Hazel Marie Hudson, Hazel Hudson, Dale Malone, Henry Lopez, Fredrick D. and Susan Gottschalk, Larry K. Ferguson et al, Tyson Foods Inc., Central Electric Power Co-Op, Charles B. Dilthey, Joseph and Florence Westermier, Nelson L. and Rose M. Painter, Lynn M. Wagenknecht, Dorothy Kalthoff, Martin T. Bender, Keith E. and Michelle R. Minor, William R. and Grace Bouws, AG Co-Op Services Inc., Jamess W. and Jennifer L. Cave, Randy L. and Robin L. Martin, Timothy Arnett, Margaret T. Stallard, Emerett L. and Judy Stevenson, Charles and Angela Boone, Alesandr and Vera Fanin, Michael W. and Robin Blackburn, Evelyn J. Page LF, Carl E. and Sue A. Arnett, John H.and Christine Detherage, Nelson S. and Naomi Z. Weaver, Allen Dale and Esther Hostetler, David A. Guier, Jones Brothers Farms Inc., Mark and Jami Kahle, Ellen R. Thrailkill, Rudy L. and Dawn L. Messerli, Melvin and Diane Burnett, Leonard Phillips, Marvin E. and Sandra J. Gibson, Hostetler Sales and Construction LLC, George W. Lamb, You and Me LLC, Stanley and Colleen Deuschle, Michael J. and Tamara D. Knaus, Bahner Heavy Equipment Service, Sandra G. Ritzo, Patricia A. Monsees, Allan Monsees, Lary G. and Pam Allan, Pamela S. Allan, Loretta E. Cline, Wanda L. Otten, David E. and Patricia McKinney, Cretus Enterprises Inc., Kelly E. Reeves, Clarence Hickman, Robert E. Dumsday, Charles A. and Joyce McNeal, Howard L. Beall, Russell A. and Bonnie E. Lane, Childrens Therapy Center of Pettis County, Block MD FACP J E, Jay and Karen Hohne, Bonita J. Crawford, Ellen R. Thrailkill, Joseph L. and Blanche Ross, Deborah J. Philipps, David L and Theresa L. Adair, Richard S. Pisarski, Mark A. Pringle, Robert and Tabbatha May, Nora Lou Lemens, Earl F. Rasa, Herman and Hallie Meisenheimer to QWest Communications Co. LLC, Sprint Communications Co. LP, Level 3 Communications LLC and Wiltel Communications LLC.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Todd J. and Maria A. Letourneau.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Carina Torres Lopez.

• Melon Bank of New York to Gary L. and Roberta L. Karchner.

• Leonard D. and Sheryle L. Scott to Arthur and Rita Twenter.

• Clyde Michcael Kanenbley and Pamela L. Bahner to Donna Bahner.

• James A. Opfer to William N. Taylor, truste, Penny L. Taylor, trustee and Taylor Family Trust.

• Melody B. and William T. Parris to William T. and Melody B. Parris.

• Virginia Malan to Beulah L. and Arnold E. Peek.

• Erica A. Aguilar to Mildred M. Linares.

• Vitaliy and Mariya Novatskiy to DAS Construction LLC.

• Beard Family Dental LLC to Anthony K. and Kathryn B. Beard.

• R. Scott Gardner, Pettis County trustee to Jerry and Theresa Poteet.

• Government National Mortgage Association to Frank and Lisa Bell.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Amanda L. Davis to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Brandie M. Stowell to Goverment National Mortgage Association.

• Estate of Edward P. Fanter to Lyudmyla Fanter.

• David L. and Carrie D. McCoy to Karl D. and Denise J. Jaegers.

• John E. and Jeanna Lynn Scott to Anita Snodgrass.

• Corey Nobel Weston to Anita Snodgrass (two transactions).

• Jennifer G. Bottcher to Kevin D. Staus.

• Lou Eva Burnett to Harvard F. and Judith K. Ebers Moriarty.

• Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Vitalii Ballaban.

• Stanley B. Cox LLC, trustee, and Henry and Marilyn J. Westberry to Simmons First National Bank.

• Myron J. Riha to Vyacheslav and Anastasia Miroshnichenko.

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