Limb removal top priority of Public Works department now

March 15, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Limb removal has been the talk of the town since two snowstorms in a one week period took down a large portion of limbs and trees across the city.

The two snowstorms dumped a total of 21 inches of snow and ice across Pettis County.

“With normal snow we don’t really have any limbs down, but this was a heavy, wet snow,” Sedalia Public Works Director Bill Beck said during a Monday interview.

The heavy snow not only created havoc on the roadways, it was also responsible for taking down limbs across the town, with many blocking roadways.

Beck spoke of the measures taken after the snowfall.

“We systematically went through the city as a team. Normally we have vehicles assigned. We had to send a loader and equipment ahead to get the limbs out of the road,” Beck explained.

Beck was asked what the City of Sedalia is doing to lessen and remove the limb problem.

“What we are doing right now is we have our crews out working in the right-of-ways. We are cleaning those up.

“If people want to put out their limbs at the curb, we will get to them when we can. It won’t do any good to call right now. We are really concentrating on the limbs in the roadways,” Beck said.

He added, “We are a couple of weeks from letting people know when we will start doing that. We would ask that they be cut into pieces six foot or smaller.”

Beck did give details of an alternative for those who have the ability to move their limbs themselves.

“If people want to drop off their own limbs, we are accepting them at our facility located at New York and 28th Street,” Beck said.

Beck was asked how many people are working on the clean up and removal of limbs.

“We probably have everybody in the Street Department. We have at least six trucks out working with a couple of loaders, two backhoes and at least 20 employees cutting and loading them,” Beck said.

Beck was asked if this large amount of snow and debris threw off the budget of the Street Department for the year.

“That is why you keep a good, healthy fund balance in case of a catastrophe. This didn’t put us out of budget. We are still in budget. Anything that we do after the end of March will be in next year’s budget,” Beck said. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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