Sedalia Police awards Michael Elwood ‘Officer of the Year’ title

March 13, 2013

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Officer Michael Elwood & his daughter Natalie

During an awards ceremony held Tuesday, March 12 at the Celebration Center, 1705 W. 32nd, the Sedalia Police Department bestowed the following awards:

Officer of the Year 2013 Officer Michael Elwood

Officer Elwood continually leads the department in productivity. Even though he maintains the most productive officer, his quality of work is exemplary, going the extra mile in investigations and service he provides to the community. Some highlights include a traffic stop that he seized 1.75 lbs of marijuana, other drugs and a concealed weapon. Another traffic stop seized 60 grams of methamphetamine. This is kept out of the hands of our youth. Officer Elwood is also involved in the D.A.R.E. Program, teaching our kids about the dangers of drugs. His work ethics, morals and integrity are a goal for all of us to strive for.

Police Commendation Ribbon

Detective Travis St. Cyr 4th award

Investigating and arresting a suspect who caused over $10,000 damage to vehicle and house windows.

Police Commendation Ribbon

Officer A. Casey DeVorss 1st award

Officer Elise Ybarra 1st award

Officer Bradley Arnold 1st award

Officer Edwin Crampton 1st award

Officer Jacob White 2nd award

After receiving a report of a female victim who had been sexually assaulted, officers began investigating the crime and gathering evidence that helped identify the suspect. The suspect was apprehended a short time later. The suspect is still in custody with a 1 million dollar bond awaiting trial.

Police Commendation Ribbon

Sergeant Kelley Casto 1st award

Detective Larry Parham 1st award

Officer A. Casey DeVorss 2nd award

Officer Ryan Reed 4th award

Detective Stephanie Davis 5th award

Officer Matthew Sprinkles 5th award

Detective Aaron Berry 7th award

Detective David Smith 9th award

Detective Jill Green 12th award

Investigating and arresting 12 adults and 1 juvenile linking 31 burglaries and an armed robbery.

Police Commendation Ribbon

Detective Daniel Benner 1st award

Sergeant Kelley Casto 2nd award

Officer Travis Lorenz 6th award

Detective Aaron Berry 8th award

Detective Jill Green 13th award

Officers responded to an active burglary report with a person inside the residence, it soon became violent and the victim has been stabbed during a struggle. The suspect then fled the residence. After extensive investigation and profiling, a suspect was apprehended and arrested within 24 hours of the initial crime.

Search and Entry Ribbon

Sergeant Joshua Howell 1st award Detective Kevin Klein 1st award

Officer Matthew Sprinkles 2nd award

Officer Travis Lorenz 3rd award

Detective Stephanie Davis 5th award

Sergeant Kelley Casto 6th award

Officer John Cook 6th award Detective Ryan Reed 6th,7th,8th award

Detective Jill Green 8th award

Detective Joseph McCullough 9th award

Detective David Smith 9th,10th,11th award

Detective Larry Parham 13th,14th,15th award

Participating in a series of narcotic and other sergeant warrants

Community Service Ribbon

Detective Stephanie Davis 9th award

Detective Jill Green 13th award

Participating in several community events

Letter of Commendation

Sergeant Ronald Miller

Officer Preston Hesselbacher

Detective Kevin Klein

Officer Travis Lorenz

While responding to a domestic disturbance, you discovered a male suspect trying to conceal K2. After some investigating, consent to search was gained. In this search they found massive amounts of components used to manufacture K2, finished K2 product and over $1,000.00 in cash.

Letter of Commendation

Detective Travis St. Cyr

You approached a man carry a duffle bag and quickly learned that he had copper and a keyboard in his bag. After a short investigation, it was determined that it was stolen from the burnt Mark Twain Apartment Building. You were also able to retrieve other stolen items from this man and subsequently arrested him for burglary, stealing and property damage. (Submitted)

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