Real Estate 3-11-13

March 11, 2013

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Henry C. Marquez, trustee, Angelica G. Marquez, trustee and Marquez Family Trust to Henry C. and Angelica G. Marquez.

• Yoshiko Cartland to NT Properties Inc.

• Government National Mortgage Association to Eberhard Kropp.

• Violet L. and Derrick A. Johns to Marlys R. Jacobi and Lila Heffel.

• Donald E. and Judith G. Willoughby, Melissa Jean Willoughby, Erin Nicole Willoughby, Timothy D. and Lisa A. Willoughby to Hector A. Reyes.

• William R. Meredith, Laura L. Lujan, Virgil E. Meredith, Larry J. Meredith and Ruby F. Meredith to Richard J. and Rebecca J. Streff.

• Estate of Dale Gwaltney and Kevin E. Qualtney, personal representative, to Michael Alfrey.

• Kevin Gwaltney, Kent Gwaltney and Shannon Gwaltney to Michael Alfrey.

• Sam A. and Barbara A. Young to Brandon Ray and Roxie Jean Miller.

• Robert P Knorr Revocable Living Trust, June E. Knorr Revocable Living Trust and June E. Knorr, trustee to Sam A. and Barbara A. Young.

• Caleb and Kerri McCandless to David W. and Carol K. McCandless.

• Casey A. Campbell to Adam E. Campbell.

• Michael S. Smith, Carrie M. Smith Hauswald and Carfrie M. Hauswald Smith to Michael S. and Brittany A. Jackson.

• Jason E. and Nicole L. Beeney to James L. Martin.

• Ronnie D. Bailey, trustee to William J. Hamilton Jr. and Carla S. Hamilton.

• Essie Williams to John A. and Reva M. Stone.

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