Bennett tours southern Missouri

March 11, 2013

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Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett, George A. Whiteman Memorial Post 642 member, toured southern Missouri the first part of March, with The American Legion’s National Vice-Commander for region 6. Over a four-day period, some 1,300 miles later and having visited 25 Posts, the Annual Membership Tour was deemed a success.

Bennett, the Department of Missouri’s Historian and Photographer, visited all 25 Posts, along with the Missouri State Commander and National Vice Commander, that had not been visited by a National representative. Bennett took numerous pictures during the trip and has posted them on his facebook page. All are welcome to view. It’s fair to say that some look like duplication, but they are photos of all locations visited.

Bennett also recently visited the “Lincoln Pilgrimage” as Post 642’s Commander Ross’ representative. Those photos are also posted on Bennett’s Facebook page.

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