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Arrests 3-11-13

March 11, 2013

in Police Reports

The following recent arrest reports have been released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Robert Don Salmons, 37, 1321 South Kentucky, petition to revoke probation, driving while revoked.

• David Gene Williams, 21, 2026 East Sixth,failure to appear, felony synthetic narcotics.

• Jennifer Dawn Mather, 39, 1213 West Fourth, domestic assault.

• Derrick Ryan Marcotte, 28, 1014 East 11th, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Samuel Junior Perez, 19, 606 West 16th, possession of marijuana.

•Dominic Andrew Glanden, 17, 3314 West 32nd, possession of marijuana.

• Muyideen Adetunji Alao, 30, 605 North Quincy, assault.

• Ron Anthony Smith, 40, 1305 East Boonville Road, failure to appear on failure to register a motor vehicle; failure to appear, seat belt.

• Gary James Earnest, 24, Higginsville, parole violation.

• Michael Dale Iman, 25, 1017 East Third, failure to appear, theft, stealing.

• David Lamar Mau-

pins, 42, Columbia, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Angelica Marie Geis, 23, Warrensburg, failure to appear, registration of a motor vehicle; failure to appear, speeding; failure to appear, window tint.

• Jeremiah Jones, 33, 401 East Boonville Road, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault; failure to appear, stealing.

• Amy Michelle Wood, 30, 6623 East Highway 50, stealing.

• Philip Michael Walker, 27, 5804 South Limit, leaving the scene of an accident.

• Shelia Renea Swope, 21, Otterville, 24-hour hold, stealing; 24-hour hold, first degree burglary.

• Paul Daniel Moore, 35, LaMonte, possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Daunte M. Reed, 25, St. Louis, second degree burglary.

• Joshua J. Quick, 22, 1411 East 13th, stealing.

• Cheri Neil Lambert, 38, 1411 East 13th, failure to appear, stealing.

• Billy Wayne Silkwood, 23, 1305 East Boonville, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Robert D. Balance, 29, 618 West Cooper, non-support.

• Ian Ross Carroll, 25, listed as homeless, possession of methamphetamine precursor drugs; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; failure to dislay valid plates; possession of a controlled substance.

• Amber Nicole Stevens, 30, Hughesville, 24-hour hold, third degree assault.

• Justin Lee Hampton, 35, Otterville, peace disturbance.

• Heather Leigh Robinson, 34, LaMont, failure to appear on fraud, insufficient funds.

• Douglas Lewis Wetzel, 32, 4190 Eagle Drive, 48-hour commitment, tampering.

• Kristi Renee Miller, 35, 810 Manor Court, failure to appear, no seat belt.

• Donna Nickels Stevenson, 23, 1608 West 16th, failure to appear, passing bad checks.

• Kendal Vaughn Brake, 43, 1500 East 12th, failure to wear a fastened seat belt.

• Matias Arehiga Hernandez, 26, 1015 South Osage, failure to appear on felony tampering; stealing; failure to appear, no license.

• Benjamin Paul Craig, 23, 615 West Third, leaving the scene of an accident.

• Charles Richard Card, 28, 3106 Oak Brade Circle, 24-hour hold, violation of a full order of protection.

• Amber Marie Lawson, 28, 1400 South Stewart, drugs, possession with intent to deliver; two counts of possession, distribution or selling marijuana.

• Sarena Mae Sundberg, 33, 1400 South Stewart, drugs, possession with intent to deliver; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine); drugs, possession with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

• Hearther Lynn Anderson, 28, 1306 East Third, 24-hour hold, possession of more than 35 grams of marijuana; 24-our hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Gonzalo Jose Esqueda, 31, 900 Griffith Ave., trespassing.

• Chad Garret Wasmer, 20, Cole Camp, failure to appear, drug paraphernalia.

• Joseph Gardner, 59, Slater, 10-day commitment, driving a motor vehicle while driver’s license was revoked.

• Jason Donavon Stout, 38, 24855 Highay O, 120-day commitment, driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Danny Wayne Mc-Kernon, 30, 3100 East Woodbridge Drive, failure to appear, littering.

• Jose Jesus Benitez, 23, LaMonte, interfering with a traffic stop.

• Pedro Benitez-Sanchez, 50, LaMonte, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended; exceeding the posted speed limit.

• Lisa Lynn Curry, 45, 309 North Heard, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Dustin Earl Bailey, 25, 807 East Sixth, failure to appear on a traffic offense.

• Tony Allen Hughes, 32, 417 East Third, possssion of a controlled substance (methamphetamine); possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; defective license plate light; use or possession of unlawful drugs, paraphernalia.

• Anastacio Chavez Ramirez, 49, 310 McAnally, 24-hour hold, driving while license was remoked; Immigtration Control and Enforcement hold; Cooper County hold, felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Christina Lynn Consolaver, 20, 1314 South Kentucky, first degree burglary; 24-hour hold, second degree assault; 24-hour hold, first degree property damage.

• Constance Marie Washington, 57, 721 West Cooper, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Pierre Lamarr Brooks, 26, 506 East 10th, failure to appear, back fines.

• Meng Kaysy Lor, 22, Florence, suspended or revoked license.

• Kathleen Aurora Kraft, 24, 1105 East Sixth, probation violation.

• Jimmy Dean Brown, 24, 1004 South Vermont, resisting or interfering with an arrest; operating a motor vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner; possession, or attemtping to distribute, deliver or manufacture a controlled substance; Henry County hold, failure to appear on resisting arrest.

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