Women’s Democrat Meeting noted for February

February 20, 2013

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Women’s Democrat Meeting

February 19th, 2013

The February Women’s Democrat Meeting was held at Best Western.

President Jane Kelley was absent. First Vice President, Pam Doane opened the business meeting at 6 p.m.

Kathy Ulmer offered prayer and devotion. Connie McLaughlin led the Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary Charli Ackerman read the minutes from the January meeting. Approved

Treasurer Sheryl Von Holten presented the treasury report. Approved

Sheryl reminded everyone that annual dues needed to be paid.

Sheryl reminded everyone of the upcoming annual Dave Kelly Dinner, held at the Shrine Club, hosted by the Democrat Breakfast Club. It will be held on March 14, with social hour at 5 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. The women are asked to bring desserts. All democrats are asked to bring auction items and help set up, serve and clean up

Larry Yunt, President of Central Club was present and relayed and explained the idea of starting a Democrat Club, separate from the Central Club, Breakfast Club and Women’s Club. He also relayed an idea of hosting a dinner to honor all past Democrat elected officials. The next Central Committee Club meeting will be Feb. 28 at Best Western with a $5 pizza bar. Drinks will be extra. All Democrats are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting. The idea of a new Democrat Club and the dinner to honor all past Democrat elected officials will be discussed more in detail at the Central Club Meeting.

Pam Doane mentioned having the two city council candidates to speak at our Women’s meeting next month if they are able to attend.

Janet Kresse motioned to adjourn the meeting, Sheryl VonHolton 2nd.

Meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

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