Arrests 2-15-13

February 15, 2013

in Police Reports

These individuals were included in recent arrest reports released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Willie Bernard Carter, 62, 311 Scott Joplin Court, 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with an arrest; 24-hour hold, third degree assault.

• Samuel David Woolery, 21, 1611 West Thid, commitment for resisting arrest.

• Kcy Dale Curtis, 26, 1409 West 11th, failure to appear, driving while suspended.

• Toni Jo Kelzer, 22, 1002 West Broadway, suspended or revoked license.

• Tyler James Evans, 18, 21 Elm Hills Trailer Court, failure to appear, back fines.

• Joshua Lee Simons, 22, 24038 Manila Road, 48-hour commitment.

• Laurie Ann Yates, 42, Clinton, failure to appear, driving while intoxicated (alcohol), aggravated offender.

• Steven Alvin Larch, 33, 1228 Liberty Park Blvd., suspended or revoked license.

• Antonio Salmeron Rubio, 26, 319 West 10th, expired operator’s license.

• Blake Anthony Jones, 26, 315 East Second, suspended or revoked license.

• Shaun Clinton Paxton, 34, listed as homeless, peace disturbance.

• Michelle Anne Clay, 23, 1311 East Seventh, resisting or interfering with an arrest.

• Crystal Fae Millard, 26, 501 West Sixth, failure to appear on first degree trespassing.

• Trista Gayle Kendrick, 23, 504 East 14th, 48-hour commitment, stealing.

• Asia Dawn Hall, 19, Deepwater, suspended or revoked license; Henry County hold, failure to appear on a traffic violation; Henry County hold, failure to appear on minor in possession.

• Cory James Draper, 23, 302 West 13th, suspended or revoked license.

• Kevin Neil Richards, 30, 1001 West Sixth, identity theft; non-support (two counts); operating the motor vehicle of another without financial responsibility; operating a vehicle without a valid license (two counts); failure to drive on the right half of the road; non-support of a minor child; failure to register with the Department of Revenue; failure to affix, fasten or maintain plates.

• Randy Stephen Jones, 27, 1823 South Carr, assault.

• Jason Wayne Busker, 29, 450 Covered Bridge Road, failure to appear on driving while suspended, no insurance.

• Cody Christian Paxton, 20, 921 East Boonville, driving while license was suspended.

• David Wayne Bottcher, 51, Blue Springs, five-day commitment, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

• Robert Wayne Stevenson, 45, Smithton, 10-day commitment, operating a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner.

• Dashawn Tryr Stitt, 20, 100 Roadrunner Court, shoplifting.

• Dallas Benjamin Carlock, 24, 813 East 16th, seven-day commitment, possession of marijuana.

• Robert Edward Mrazek, 23, 917 East Fourth, driving while license was revoked.

• Christopher Allen Pummill, 31, 513 State Fair Blvd., stealing.

• Raul Estrada-Perez, 23, 1941 East Sixth, suspended or revoked license.

• Tiffany Ann Cooper, 39, Marshall, failure to appear on a traffic violation.

• Amy Michelle Wood, 30, 6623 East Highway 50, theft, stealing of any controlled substance.

• Edwin Eugene Gassen, 47, Corder, failure to appear on unlawful use of drug paraphernalia; failure to appear on third degree assault; failure to appear on resisting or interfering with an arrest; failure to appear on second degree tampering.

• Gerardo Garcia, 19, LaMonte, three-day commitment on possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Sherwin Delane Marshall, 37, 108 West Johnson, suspended or revoked license.

• Arturo Alejandro Camacho, 24, 1209 South Arlington, 10-day commitment, driving while license was revoked.

• David Walter Baldwin, 59, Springfield, 24-hour hold, second degree assault with a gun; 24-hour hold, unlawful use of a weapon.

• Daniel Ray Malan, 25, Glasgow, failure to appear, animal abuse; failure to appear, speeding; failure to appear on a traffic offense.

• Patricia Lynn Ragsdale, 53, 1613 South Wagner, probation violation.

• Sarah Jane Altis, 36, 229 North Harding, failure to appear, no insurance.

• Jesse Ray Roberts, 19, 318 East Second, failure to appear, back fines; 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Steven Phillip George, 52, Branson, passing a bad check.

• Samanntha Marie Perez, 21, 1008 South Sneed, pursuing, taking or killing wildlife illegally.

• Henry Lee Rivera, 23, 4741 South Limit, pursuing, taking or killing wildlife illegally.

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