Smith-Cotton JROTC wins big at Papillion, Nebraska Drill Meet

January 30, 2013

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On the morning of January 26, 2013 the Smith-Cotton JROTC Drill Team competed at the First Annual Papillion Drill Meet in Papillion, Nebraska. It was the first time in three years that the Drill Team had stayed overnight to compete at a drill meet, and it was a success.

The Smith-Cotton Drill Team received 10 trophies, including the First-Place Overall trophy. They received first place in Armed Color Guard, New Cadet Platoon, Unarmed and Armed Exhibition, second in Armed Regulation (team 1), and third in Unarmed Regulation and Armed Regulation (team 2).

Overall they received second place in the Unarmed Division and first Overall in the Armed Division. The Smith-Cotton Drill Team placed first overall and were named the Overall Champions for this first annual Papillion Drill Meet in Nebraska. Cadet Captain Shelbi Davis said,” It was a very nice experience and I felt very at home with my team at the meet. We are like one big family.” The Drill Team is looking forward to their next competition in Lee’s Summit on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Pictured in back row (left to right) are Cadet Captain Allison Morey, Cadet Sergeant Rachel Aldrich, Cadet Second Lieutenant Austin Breining, Cadet Staff Sergeant Kyler Pierson, Cadet Second Lieutenant Stephen Weeks, Cadet First Sergeant Jacob Karman, Cadet Staff Sergeant Michael Frazier, Cadet Second Lieutenant Jonathan Sanchez, Cadet Master Sergeant Connor Greene.

Second Row: Cadet Private Brittany Gollaher, Cadet Private First Class Jessica Martin, Cadet Staff Sergeant Cosette Claybaugh, Cadet Captain Kendall Ott, Cadet Staff Sergeant Emily Greble, Cadet Private Holly Akers, Cadet Captain Shelbi Davis, Cadet Private Cierra Jennings.

Third Row: Cadet Second Lieutenant Madelyne Ash, Cadet Private Daryna Matsyokha, Cadet Private Allison Bouslaugh, Cadet Staff Sergeant Keannia Collins, Cadet Private First Class Keila Baeza, Cadet Staff Sergeant Sheric Davis, Cadet Private Kaitlyn Brown, Cadet Private Nicolochrist Dalumpines.

Front Row: Cadet Captain Alexandria Stewart, Cadet Major Jovana Cervantes, Cadet Sergeant First Class Stephanie Barnier, Cadet Major Aurora Rafael, Cadet Staff Sergeant Dalton Trimnal, Cadet Master Sergeant Rachael DeMent, Cadet First Sergeant Megan Wilbanks, and Cadet First Sergeant Blake Kramer.

Submitted by Cadet Captain Jacob Tilman and Cadet Master Sergeant Cristina Tejeda.

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