Real Estate 1-30-13

January 30, 2013

in Real Estate

Real estate transactions involving the following indivduals have been reported:

• Gregory R. Coufal to Woodrow Simons.

• Timothy B. and Virginia Siegel to Shad Roy Shirky.

• Charles L. and Melody A. Randall to Cruz Solis Hernandez.

• Jimmy D. and Patricia L. Hankins to Jimmy D. and Patricia L. Hankins.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Haley Dawn McNeeley.

• Home America LLC to Home America Fund LLP.

• Sigi and Deepa Joseph to Sigi and Deepa Joseph.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy A. Larsen and Ruby A. Bozarth.

• Lizette M. Longo to Jeffrey A. Longo.

• James and Cynthhia Kretzer to Michael and Katie Fisher.

• Charles E. Wadleigh, trustee, Judith H. Wadleigh, trutee and Wadley Family Trust to Tonya Shoecraft and Laura Rowland.

• Twyla A. and James C. Leemhuis to Tonya Shoecraft and Laura Rowland.

• Iva Anna Wadleigh and Twyla Ann Leemhuis to Tonya Shoecraft and Laura Rowland.

• Gary Lynn and Mary Kristine Powers to Genesa L. Bacon.

• Michael J. and Donna J. Gawedzinski to Jason Hoover.

• Wayne T. Lion to Lori S. Lion.

• James M. and Sharon K. McMullin to Robert Daniel and Kimberly P. Blackburn, Joe C. Blackburn, trustee, Janice Blackburn, trustee and Blackburn Family Trust.

• Everette Wood, trustee, Mary C. Wood, trustee, and M and E Wood Living Trust to Donald G. and Michael D. Williams.

• Timothy Bryan and Debra H. Fox to Randall L. and Kandice M. Durian.

• Paul Dietrick Dieckmann to Rhonda Sue Dieckmann.

• Rudy E. and Lillian A. Rehmer to Jeffery E. Rehmer, Flora E. Rehmer, Joseph Rehmer, Andrew Rehmer, Nathan Rehmer and Jennifer Rehmer.

• Millsap and Singer PC, Christopher S. Jones and Tara A. Bolling to Bank of America NA.

• Kristina L. Klein to to Ryan M. and Jamie Pyle.

• K. Michael and Heather Marie Blankenship to Ryan M. and Jamie Pyle.

• Larry E. Sleeper to Jeremy Jason Sleeper and William Eugene Sleeper.

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