Recycling idea sparks interest in college sophomore

January 29, 2013

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Shelby Prisendorf

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Shelby Prisendorf, age 20, is a sophomore at State Fair Community College and two weeks ago she began collecting recyclable items from some local businesses.

“I’ve been doing it about two weeks now. School started and I have been taking an environmental science class, and the book started out with some scary statistics,” Prisendorf said.

She added, “I’ve been uninformed about the environment and starting this class opened my eyes.”

Prisendorf was asked what she hopes to get out of her efforts to recycle.

“I think it is something that I am going to pursue by myself. I am not trying to get anything out of it. I am just trying to help the environment,” she replied.

Currently Prisendorf collects items from two Sedalia businesses, but she would like to add at least two more to her list.

“I work at Dukes and Boots, and it is easy to collect the recycling there. I have my coworkers on it to save bottles, boxes and cans,” Prisendorf said.

She also collects recyclables from Perkins restaurant.

Prisendorf was asked where she takes the recyclable materials to get processed.

“I take them to the recycling center on Main Street. I take them there a couple of times a week,” she replied.

Prisendorf has other plans that she is working on concerning recycling.

“I am a member of Calvary Episcopal Church. My mom is the organist. I want to see if the members would help by bringing in their recycling,” Shelby said.

Prisendorf was asked what type of materials she plans on collecting.

“Aluminium, tin, cardboard boxes, plastics, glass, magazines and paper are what I am collecting,” she said.

Shelby was asked what kind of obstacles she has seen in trying to get people to recycle.

“I’ve talked to people and they said the reason they don’t recycle is that it is a hassle, or too hard.

“It is really not hard. It is easier if you have someone that is willing to come get the recyclables from you,” Prisendorf explained.

Prisendorf was asked if she has a special vehicle in which she uses to pick up the recycling.

“I just have my Mustang, and my friend Karrah helps me too,” she said.

If any local businesses are interested in  recycling and they want Shelby to come talk to them about picking up their recycling, they may call her at (660) 829-0970 and leave a message.

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