Real Estate 1-16-13

January 17, 2013

in Real Estate

The following Real Estate transactions have been reported:

•Bobbie and Barbara Baker to Baker Family Trust.

•America Bank of National Association to Sonsine Properties, LLC.

•Ricard Wayne Neumann to Teri Lynne Neumann.

•John and Carol Smasal to John and Carol Smasal.

•Joesph and Margaret Bowers to Wayne Howard Combs.

•Kristina Lynn Klein to Lawrence Edward Klein.

•Federal National Mortgage Association to Johnson Farms, Inc.

•Kyle and Krystal Samples to Kyle and Krystal Samples.

•Dennis E Kauser, Dennis E. Kauser Trust, Judith A. Kauser, Judith A. Kauser Trust to Kenneth and Jennifer Emery.

•Jeffrey S. Langdon to Jennifer L. Langdon.

•Roger Marcum to Kroeger Properties, LLC.

•Michael and Lisa Smith to Daniel and Mary Kroeger.

•Kyle and Mariah Middleton to Cody Kratzer and Shaow Wiskur.

•Tamara Mills to Anna Kathleen Montgomery and Bennie Montgomery.

•Millsap and Singer PC, Terry and Renee Gaither to HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc.

•David and Anna Curry to Christina May Brosch.

•Brenda Branch and Anthony W. Moon to Anthony W. Moon.

•Anthony W. Moon Trustee, Brenda Branch Trustee, and Moon and Branch Trustee to Anthony W. Moon.

•James Mark Callis to Mary Maureen Hurley.

•Walter A. Estep Jr. to Jerry and Cristina Stockdall.

•Jerry and Cristina Stockdall to Jose Martines Lemus.

•David and Heidi Starke to Timothy and Melissa Hostetler.

• Henry and Connie Schrader to Henry and Connie Schrader.

•Frank and Nancy Powell to Brian and Elizabeth Landon.

•Margaret A. Gardner and Dixie Clark to Margaret A. Gardner and Dixie Clark.

•Everett and Judy Stevenson to Larry Koeller and Sharon Cantrell.

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