Bowlin withdraws from school board race

January 16, 2013

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Stan Bowlin

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Stan Bowlin

I am very sadly withdrawing my name from the ballot as a candidate for the Sedalia 200 School Board due to a future conflict of interest resulting from future involvement with an investigations business.

I am very proud and honored to have served the students and patrons of the Sedalia 200 School District for 15 years.

I ran for the school board in my son’s memory. He passed away very unexpectedly the day after Thanksgiving in 1997.

He was a very good student and he loved school and the students. I vowed in his memory to fairly and equally do everything I could for every student in the school district to help them obtain the very best education possible. I am proud to say that I have never veered off that path.

One of my main focuses was to bring the community together in support of their children’s education.

When I first got on the board the community was very divided by special interest groups within the school district extra curricular activities.

My goal was to try to get everyone to work together to make the entire school district the best that it can be, not just in specific areas. I feel that we have come a long way in doing that, with the help of everyone.

During my time I served eight years on MSBA committees. Four of those years was spent interviewing superintendents and their respective boards that were in the top 25 percent of student achievement in the State of Missouri, in order to identify and select the outstanding Board of Education for the State of Missouri.

That gave me a very strong perspective on what to look for in a successful superintendent.

I spent four years on the MSBA Education Legislative Policy Committee. I also spent five years working directly with the House of Representatives and Senators in Washington DC as a Federal Relations Network for the Missouri School Boards Association, representing Missouri education.

In 2002, I was awarded the Master School Board Member Certification by MSBA and to this date am the only board member in history of the Sedalia 200 School District to obtain this certification.

I have obtained 178 credits in school law, school finance, student achievement, community relations, etc. from the MSBA, which is the third highest credits earned in the State of Missouri by any school board member.

I am extremely proud of all the students that have passed through the doors of all of our schools and equally as proud of all of our teachers and staff for doing their part in making our students a successful part of our society.

Our school district has grown and improved every year as a result of the joint efforts if everyone involved.

I appreciate very much everyone’s efforts, and I appreciate all of those people that supported me and trusted my vote in regards to their child’s education. I will continue to support and work on education issues in different ways at the state and national levels.

I will never stop working for better ways to educate our children. Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a special part of your children’s lives.

Please, if you take your children’s education to heart, go to the school district administration office before closing time on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013 and sign up to run for the board of education.

It is a fascinating and very worthwhile opportunity. For info, call (660) 829-6450. Respectfully yours, Stan Bowlin.

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