Column stabilization top priority at library

January 15, 2013

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

New work began on the Sedalia Public Library January 7, and new problems were found while working on past issues according to Sedalia Public Library Director Pam Hunter.

Hunter was asked about the work that is currently being done.

“They started installing piers on January 7. They started moving equipment so the alley is blocked. It will probably be for a couple of months. They are starting pier work on the inside,” Hunter said.

Hunter gave an explanation of what the piering process is.

“It is where they drill holes down to the bedrock, and they pour grout down into it. That is what stabilizes the foundation,” Hunter explained.

On December 10 the Sedalia City Council approved adding $1.5 million to its 2012 Certificates of Participation projects for improvements and repairs to the Carnegie Library building.

Hunter spoke of the cost of work to historic Carnegie Library.

“Septagon gave us an estimate of $1.3 million and the engineering costs change as needed.

“That is why we did the $1.5 million financing to cover the unknowns that we are finding,” Hunter said.

Hunter was asked about the new issues that have arisen during the work.

“The new problem they found, when they were trenching they found that the columns were sitting on the original foundation.

“They found that it was not holding so they have to stabilize those,” Hunter said.

She added, “The excavation equipment can’t get behind the columns, because they have to stabilize the columns by building walls underground between the columns.

“They are bringing in a hydro-excavator. They will use water to dig those trenches.”

Hunter spoke of another problem that was found during the scope of the original work.

“They found a second layer of steps on top of the first layer of steps.

“The first layer was poured on top of the second layer,” Hunter said.

Hunter mentioned that to date, they have spent $516,000 for construction and engineering work.

Hunter was asked if the new issues have impacted the completion date of the project.

“We are still shooting for sometime in June unless we run into more problems. It will take time to do the piers. After that gets done, other work on the building can be done,” Hunter said.

The issues concerning the Sedalia Public Library began this past summer when a severe drought caused the foundation of the building to crack and become unstable.

The Sedalia Public Library is currently housed in a temporary facility located at 515 S. Ohio in downtown Sedalia. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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