Arrests 1-14-13

January 14, 2013

in Police Reports

The following recent arrest reports have been released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Stephen Gean Lappat, 24, 4200 West Main, failure to appear on felony possession of a controlled substance.

• Brian Edward Jackson, 36, LaMonte, 10-day commitment, third degree domestic assault.

• Anthony Dwayn Bushnell, 20, 1708-1/2 South Sneed, suspended or revoked license.

• Samantha Renee Mueller, 27, Kansas City, 48-hour commitment, driving while suspended.

• Jade Alexis Buckner, 18, 2850 South Ingram, failure to appear, stealing.

• Jason Jo Anderson, 39, 5650 Old Highway 50, failure to appear, third degree assault; petition to revoke probation for violation of an order of protection.

• Leandrews Vasser, 58, Edwards, driving while intoxicated (alcohol), persistent ofender.

• Curtis Wayne Liles, 46, 403 East Seventh, 24-hour hold, warrant, fugitive from out of state.

• Clarence Martin Simpson, 50, 1405 Elm Hills Blvd., forgery.

• Timothy J.C. Washington, 34, 1624 Heck Ave., failure to appear, seat belt.

• Lori Anne Heyer, 49, 709 North Grand, failure to appear, stealing.

• Dylan Michael Seevers, 17, 702 South Summit, speeding.

• Luke Dalton Masoner, 321, 307 East Seventh, failure to appear on felony non-support (two counts).

• Tony Eugene McNeal, 38, 913 East 15th, assault.

• Jeremy Paul Butts, 32, 33603 Lookout Road, 48-hour commitment, drinking while driving.

• Cary Allen Longie, 38, 70 Sunset Village, possession of methamphetamine precursor drugs; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of a controlled substance, persistent drug offender.

• Mykel Lindsey Davis, 26, Kansas City, suspended or revoked license

• Jeffrey Lee Glaster, 32, 30601 Highway U, 24-hour hold, violation of a full order of protection; 24-hour hold, violation of an ex parte order; 24-hour hold, tampering with physical evidence; 24-hour hold, second degree property damage.

• Kimberlee F. Brown, 36, 516 East 12th, failure to appear, no insurance.

• Tava Marie Steel, 30, 516 East 12th, suspended or revoked license.

• Douglas Lewis Wetzel, 32, Polo,Mo., 48-hour commitment, tampering.

• Daniel Morgunenko, 18, 2736 Quisenberry

Road, use or possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Bradley Dale Kumberg, 41, Warsaw, driving while revoked; possession of a controlled substance.

• Jaime Lee Campbell, 26, 514 South Quincy, suspended or revoked license.

• Larry Eugene Washington, 20, 705 West Second, first degree tampering.

• Dallas Benjamin Carlock, 24, 813 East 16th, driving while revoked.

• Darren Bob Morey, 47, 614 East Broadway, 48-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated.

• Tony Eric Dinges, 33, 308 North McAnally, 48-hour commitment, defective equipment.

• Richard Lee Adams, 58, 1810 East Fifth, failure to appear, no seat belt; failure to appear, failed to display plates on a motor vehicle.

• Cody Christian Paxton, 30, 915 East Boonville, 48-hour cmmitment, tampering.

• Boyd Kempher, 31, Green Ridge, animal limit; animal license; animal at large.

• Cheri Neil Lambert, 37, 1805 South Park, driving while license was revoked.

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