Real Estate 12-26-12

December 26, 2012

in Real Estate

The folowing real estate transactions have been reported:

• Viktor and Anna Mortinyuk to Becky O. Beydler.

• Timothy and Becky O. Beydler to Michael R. Stetzenbach.

• Andria L. Branch, personal representative, and estate of Enos L. Johnson Jr. to Gordon and Maxine Poindexter.

• William Hite Smith, trustee, Joann Margaret Smith, trustee and Smith Family Trust to Daniel J. Burford.

• Christopher D. and Michele T. Woolery to CM Woolery Properties LLC.

• Christopher D. and Michele T. Woolery to Woolery Family Trust, Christopher D. Woolery, trustee and Michele T. Woolery, trustee.

• Evgueni and Angelica Danilov to Nicholas W. Farrar.

• Judith A. Kayson, trustee, Matthew A.Kayson Revocable Living Trust and Judith A. Kayson Revocable Living Trust to Judith A. Kayson, trustee, and Judith A. Kayson


• Randy K. Sparks, trustee and Michael Allen and Michelle Brock to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

• Millsap and Singer PC, John D. Billingsley II and Chirstina L. Billingsley to Mellon Bank of New York.

• Millsap and Singer PC, Louis A. and Priscilla D. Spellmeyer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

• James B. Nutter and Co. to Secretary of US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

• John W. and Sarah B. Cline to Roger Lynn Cotten.

• Alberta Jean Ellison to Tammie Jean Scott.

• William and Bonnie L. Powell to Matthew Ray and Brenda Denise Powell.

• South and Associates PC, Justin and April Lange to US Bank National Association.

• Anthony R. Gier to Anthony R. Gier, trustee and Anthony R. Gier Revocable Trust.

• Leo Wayne and Amelia Joane Harrison to Guesa USA LLC.

• David E. and Sharon K. Grupe to Gary W. McMullin.

• Ray Kent Crawford to Ray Kent Crawford, Nellie M. Sandoval and Joseph C. Buckley.

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