Arrests 12-17-12

December 17, 2012

in Police Reports

The following recent arrests have been reported by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Anthony Lee Edgar, 41, Independence, 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked.

• Dallas Benjamin Carlock, 24, 813 East 16th, driving while license was suspended for points.

• Cody Christian Paxton, 20, 921 East Boonville, suspended or revoked license.

• Jerry Dale Ingels, 69, 31450 Highway U, fraud, passing bad checks.

• Salvador Alonso-Rodriguez, 34, 253 Scott Joplin Court, immigration retainer for removal from the US.

• Amber Lee Ulmer, 23, 401 North Quincy, suspended or revoked license.

• Summer Hope Vanblaricon, 33, Windsor, 24-hour commitment.

• Jason Delanie Adams, 38, Mora, stealing.

• Stephen Gene Lappat, 24, 1009 East Fourth, stealing.

• Mark Allen Lancaster, 36, 1503 West Main, 24-hour hold, violation of a full order of protection.

• Jeremiah Adam Littlepage, 28, 235 South Grand, 15-day commitment, possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Anthony Howard Venable, 28, 2409 West Main, felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol), persistent offender; leaving the scene of an accident; 24-hour hold, resisting or interfering with an arrest; 24-hour hold, third degree assault on a law enforcement officer; 24-hour hold, escape from custody.

• Timofey Pavlovich Ovseychuk, 17, Hughesville, failure to appear on operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility; failure to appear, traffic offense.

• Robert Adam Harvilla, 40, Warsaw, failure to appear, stealing.

• James Blake Merrell, 27, Windsor, careless and imprudent driving.

• Melinda Sue Lamb, 27, 405 East Seventh, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance; 24-hour hold, stealing; 24-hour hold, fraudulent use of a credit device.

• Aubrey Elizabeth Wright, 23, 222 East 19th, possession of marijuana.

• Jerry Lee Gennetten, 62, 27872 Smasal Road, third degree domestic assault.

• Brenda Dyan Gennetten, 57, 27872 SmasalRoad, third degree domestic assault.

• Derrick Dewayne Kestner, 27, Cole Camp, failure to appear, trespassing.

• Jeremy Allen Schmadeke, 25, 1820 East 14th, failure to appear, driving while revoked.

• Wayne Thomas Lion, 30, 3915 Chapel Drive, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Kathleen Aurora Kraft, 23, 31515 Tebo Road, 24-hour hold, second degree burglary.

• Wendy Carolyn Smith, 25, Pilot Grove, parole violation; stealing.

• Melvin Leon Ward, 29, 506 East 14th, fugitive from out of state.

• Ricky Dean Roberts, 49, Cole Camp, possession of a controlled substance; parole hold.

• Lori Lynn Hadley, 40, Cole Camp, possession of a controlled substance; use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Claude Joseph McCol-lom, 36, Cole Camp, failure to appear (two counts).

• Coby Joann Thrailkill, 35, Green Ridge, failure to appear on operating a vehicle without a valid license; failure to appear, no financial responsibility.

• Lesley Adam Venable, 34, 1600 East Broadway, non-support; parole violation.

• Suzanne Sabra St. Cyr, 42, 2425 West Main, failure to appear, theft; failure to appear, violation of education requirement for a child.

• Eric Scott Srader, 28, 1515 East Seventh, parole violation, non-support.

• Talmadge Ingalls, 30, Marshall, failure to appear, non-support.

• Earnest Lee Brown, 31, 813 Southwood Drive, operating a motor vehicle while license was revoked.

• David Rodriguez, 33, 802 Ruth Ann Drive, 24-hour hold, operating a motor vehicle while license was revoked.

• Elizabeth Enid Mattson 53, 1305 East 14th, 24-hour hold, driving while intoxicated, combined alcohol and drugs; 24-hour hold, careless and imprudent driving (accident); 24-hour hold, operating a vehicle without financial responsibility; 24-hour hold, required ignition interlock not in vehicle; 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked.

• Justin Lee Pruett, 21, Knob Noster, failure to appear on felony possession of a controlled substance with intent.

• Jessie Jean Cornwell, 21, 523 West Seventh, failure to appear.

• Amber Louise Kuhns, 35, 622 East 10th, 24-hour hold, driving while intoxicated (combined alcohol and drugs); 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jennifer Dawn Nicks, 38, Clarksburg, 24-hour commitment, driving while intoxicated (alcohol).

• Brittany Joy Marriott, 27, 22461 Sacajawea Road, stealing.

• Eugene Allen Edwards, 24, 408 West Fifth, failure to appear on a traffic violation.

• Melissa A. Phelan, 25, Blue Springs, 48-hour commitment, forgery.

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