Real Estate 12-10-12

December 10, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Roy T. and Laurel D. Cooke to Rudy and Grace Perez.

• Joshua S. Twenter to Joshua L. and Gary E. Brandes.

• Michael A. and Tamela L. Millsap to Konstantin Lukashevich.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC and Cory R. Sanders to Wells Fargo Bank National Association.

• Susan Dean Noel to David A. and Dana J. Phillips.

• James C. and Darla R. Spangler to Galen Holthaus, trustee, Sharon K. Holthaus, trustee, Sharon K. Holthaus Trust and Galen Holthaus Trust.

• Estate of Ethel Mae Petree and Mary Jane Martin, personal representative, to Bert F. Johnston, Burnice Lee Johnston, Betty Loy Johnston and Mary Jane Martin.

• Pamela S. Ballard, personal representative, and estate of Charlotte Ann Kelly to John A.Swords, trustee, Michelle A. Swords, trustee and Swords Family Trust.

• Shayne L. and Cynthia A. Garretson to John A. Swords, trustee, Michelle A. Swords, trustee and Swords Family Trut.

• Joseph and Barbara J. Karaty to Micardo Alonso Blas and Argelia Alejo Rodriguez.

• Linda Minkler to Donald C. and Tamara E. Lemons.

• James W. and Shelia K. Patton, Mick and Stacie Merriott to Rebecca E. Kinde.

• Dorothy Diana Austin to Dorothy Diana Austin, Ann Lea Austin and Eric Lee Austin.

• Janice H. Daleen to Janice H. Daleen and Karen Daleen Rexroad.

• Carol A. Goodwin to Chris A. Harris, trustee, Amy L Peck, trustee, and Carol A. Goodwin Family Trust.

• Charles D. Goosen, Theola June Goosen and Daniel W. Goosen to Cory Joseph B. Eppes and Stormy D. Eppes.

• CSM Foreclosure Trustee Corp. and Shelly A. Belknap to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.

• Sedalia Ventures LLC to Fork Basin LLC.

• Thomas Dee Morgan, trustee, Thomas Clifford Morgan Trust and Elizabeth Jean Morgan Trust to Alan D. and Kathryn L. Marshall.

• Gary W. Snyder to Misty S. Fox.

• Anna Kathleen and Bennie Montgomery to Tamara Mills.

• Travis D. Jobe to Juanita D. Waggoner.

• Travis Jobe to Jason Madura (five transactions).

.• William and Patricia Garrison to Samantha McNeal.

• Lloyd M. Lane Jr. and Patricia Lane McMullin and Donald D. McMullin to Judy C. Lane.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC and Timothy and Michelle V. Reynolds to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• Kozeny and McCubbin LC, Troy Martin Thrailkill and Ellen Raquele Thrailkill to Wells Fargo Bank National Association.

• Laurence E. Gieschen to Kay R. Plavdal and Laurence E. Gieschen.

• Lance M. and James Krause to Anna J Krause.

• Robert K. and Delores A. Meyer to Amy J. Brockman.

• David Silchuk to Yaroslav Silchuck.

• Yaroslav and Yelizaveta Silchuck to Yaroslav and Yelizaveta Silchuck.

• Dean G. Peters, Ronald Dean Peters and Annette Christian to Richard T. and Sadra L. Robinson.

• Pavel and Vera Kozhukharenko to Yriy and Larisa Kozko.

• Fannie Mae to John L. Hays.

• Russell and Phyllis Calrdwell to Christopher Wayne Lewis and David Russell Cardwell.

• Kathy Smeltser and estate of Dorothy R. Petree to Walter Clark.

• John Watson Bagby, trustee and Emmet Ellis Bagby Trust to John W. Bagby, trustee, and John W. Bagby.

• Wilson Toellner Investments to Wilson Toellner Investments LLC.

• Beverly L. Kreisel and Michael A. Hogan to Connie S. and Bill G. McLaughlin.

• Dorothy Allen and Beverly J. Kehl to Clifton White.

• Linda David to Beulah Peek.

• GMat LLC to Michael D. Brown, trustee, Rhonda J. Brown, trustee and Brown Family Trust.

• Michael D. Brown, trustee and Brown Family Trust to MATZ Properties Partnership.

• John W. and Lucy A. Richards to Michael D. Brown, trustee, Rhonda J. Brown, trustee and Brown Family Trust.

• John A. and Michelle A. Swords to Jeffrey and Cara S. Canon.

• James V. and Jean Edwards to Maureen A. O’Hare.

• ProEnergy Land LLC to James V. and Jean Edwards.

• John W. and Glenda G. McGinnis to John W. McGinnis, trustee, Glenda G. McGinnis, trustee and McGinnis Family Trust.

• Walter F. and R. Carol Acker to Walter F. and Ruby Carol Acker.

• David W. Bottcher and Barbara G. Ballard to Stephen A. DeMasters, Katherine J. DeMasters and David DeMasters.

• Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

• Stephen N. Cook to Rick and Brenda Tylar.

• Fannie Mae to Michael Keith and Keith Lesli Fothergill.

• Timothy D. Clanton to Lindell L. and Barbara A. Harrison.

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