‘McDonald’s Avenue’ now eligible to become city street

December 10, 2012

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met on Monday night at the Municipal Building where they passed several ordinances with quite a few of them pertaining to the former alley behind the McDonald’s location on South 65 Highway.

The former alley, now known as McDonald’s Avenue, was expanded and met city specifications to be considered eligible as a city street.

During the Monday session, the council approved an ordinance naming McDonald’s Avenue as a two-way street.

The council also passed an ordinance that gave maintenance responsibilities for McDonald’s Avenue to the City of Sedalia.

According to a council information packet, it is common practice for streets within the city limits that are improved and meet city specification, to be accepted into the city street system and are maintained by the city.

The council also approved an ordinance that will place stop signs at both ends of McDonald’s Avenue. The signs will be placed at the intersections on McDonald’s Avenue and West 16th Street, and at McDonald’s Avenue and West 18th Street.

The final ordinance passed by council concerning McDonald’s Avenue adopted no parking on either side of McDonald’s Avenue.

This is in part due to delivery truck traffic on the road.

In other council news, the Sedalia City Council approved and accepted an agreement between the City of Sedalia and the Sedalia Public Library which concerned adding $1.5 million to its 2012 Certificates of Participation projects for improvements and repairs to the Carnegie Library building.

According to an informational packet the Sedalia Public Library is not a city department and it was necessary to institutionalize an agreement between the city and the library which contains details of the financial understandings.

The council also approved a resolution authorizing Mayor Elaine Horn to send a letter to our two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives encouraging them to resolve the Fiscal Cliff that the country is currently undergoing.

The issue directly concerns the City of Sedalia and it’s Build America Bonds could be impacted.

The bonds, which are subsidized by the federal government are being used to support the city’s current sewer improvement project.

The council also approved a resolution that supported the Liberty Center Association of Arts in their effort to become a community of arts pilot program.

Sedalia is one of six cities competing to be selected as a pilot program. If the Sedalia community is selected, it will become a model for the state and the nation.

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