Real Estate 12-3-12

December 3, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• US Bank National Association to Johnson Farms Inc.

• Springleaf Financial Services Inc. to Rebecca Lea.

• Theodore E. and Kelly A. Asbury to David and Laura Todd.

• Vladimir and Nadezhda Gulchuk to Peter W. Phillips.

• Sold Properties LLC to Linda K. Stone.

• Sedalia Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Stephanie Michele Beal.

• Pamela and Monte Moon, Debra and Clifford Jarvis and Sorita and Barry Walter to Vanessa and Matthew Plummer.

• Byron J. and Leticia V. Wise to Sherry S. Boston.

• Bank of America NA to James Yeager.

• Jolly Living Trust to Brandhorst Farm LLC.

• James L. Gear III and Nicole A. Gear to Leah C. Gear.

• Martin Peterson Inc. to Guesa USA LLC.

• Pillip T. and Sara J. Sawyer to Lance M. Krause.

• Rodney and Tigra Drenon to Jacob Louis and Tamara Renea Drenon.

• Hamilton Dean and Irene E. Hayes to Zakhariy and Tatyana V. Izoita.

• ET Investments LLP to Keele Construction Inc.

• Dmitriy and Lyubov Chernioglo to Dmitriy and Lyubove Chernioglo and Larisa and Anatoliy Zubku.

• Jack B. Cannon, trustee and Cannon Family Trust to Steven L. and Shawna V. Cannon.

• Dennis R. and Jacquelyn Suzann Fisher to Christopher W. Shields.

• Michael Craig Johnson to Marcella P. Walje.

• Brenda Eichholz to Young Traditions LLC.

• Jimmy and Rita Fairfax to Rebecca Klindworth.

• E. W. Thompson Inc. to Thomas J. and Tammie Ann Adermann.

• Daniel and Lucia Manley to David A. Horne and Tina L. Manley.

• Tina L. Manley to David A. Horne.

• David A. Horne to Kenneth J. and Kathy L. Page.

• MATZ Properties Partnership to Jamie Nardi.

• Theresa A. Capps, trustee and Theresa A. Capps Trust to Kimberly L. and David B. Miller.

• Laverne Hill, Aldred Johnson and Rita Ailne Kepner to Timothy A. Mercer.

• William E. Cook and Sean P. Pilliard, trustee, to LaMonte Community Bank.

• Robert L. Edwards, trustee, Karen M. Edwards, trustee and Edwards Family Trust to Reggie Hout.

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