S-C DECA’s car giveaway project benefits Child Safe

November 29, 2012

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Smith-Cotton DECA Club members Kelsey Webb, Lindsey Jackson and Kirby Lewellyn.

By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Smith-Cotton High School DECA Club recently began a new project that benefits Child Safe of Sedalia, an organization that works with families and investigators in child abuse cases.

The S-C DECA Club is currently selling tickets for a chance to win a 2013 Dodge Dart from Bryant Motors.

The tickets sell for five dollars a piece or five for $20. They are available at school functions or people may call S-C Marketing teacher Amanda Mills at (660) 924-8124.

The project is being headed up by three members of the DECA Club. DECA members Kelsey Webb, 17-year-old senior, 17-year-old-senior Lyndsey Jackson, and 16-year-old sophomore Kirby Lewellyn all serve as project coordinators.

There are 70 members total in DECA, and they are all participating by selling tickets at various events.

The News-Journal had a chance to speak with the three coordinators and their teacher Ms. Mills.

“This is the DECA Community Service Project. It is a chapter project to encourage all 70 of our members to help,” Mills said.

Mills was asked how many tickets have been sold so far.

“Probably 100 tickets easily. We have 70 members selling tickets at 10 events,” Mills said.

The three coordinators were asked when work on the project began.

“The project started last week, but we have been working on getting it set up since September,” Webb said.

Lewellyn was asked if this was her first DECA project and what her duties consist of.

“Yeah, this is my first project. I have to a lot of stuff. They have jobs and I don’t so I have to go to places for them after school. I am the muscle,” Lewellyn said with a smile.

Jackson was asked if she has enjoyed working on the fund-raising project.

“Yes, I enjoy doing this project because I like helping out the community and I like DECA,” Jackson said.

The girls were asked why they chose Child Safe as the organization that they wanted to help.

“Another project started off with Child Safe and we decided to continue helping make them more aware to the community,” Webb explained.

Ms. Mills explained how the drawing for the car would work out.

“Five people are going to be the final contestants and one has a chance to win the car or an additional $100. The five finalist will win $100 each,” Mills said.

Mills explained that the sponsor money for the prizes came from Septagon and Joe Beykirch.

People can purchase the tickets from any member of DECA and the final drawing will be held on Jan. 4, 2013.

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