City creates alternate site for leaf collection & yard waste

November 29, 2012

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By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Leaf pickup for the City of Sedalia will begin soon for the residents. The leaf pickup is scheduled for the week of Dec. 3 – 7.

The city will be taking the collected leaves to their alternate facility on South New York.

“In the past we have looked for other places to fill with the leaves, but I think we will be taking these out to our site on South New York. We will try to compost them,” Public Works Director Bill Beck said.

The leaves will need to be bagged and placed in front of people’ residence no later than 5:30 a.m. on Monday, December 3.

This is only for leaf collection. Any other yard waste should be taken out to the facility on South New York.

Beck was asked why the alternate site will be used for the leaf storage.

“The main site is full of ground wood chips. We have an additional drop site that is about one acre. That is where we have had people taking their yard waste,” Beck said.

Beck was asked what the abundance of wood chips are for.

“When we opened our drop site, we got a grant from Region F Solid Waste District for a tub grinder. It is a fairly small unit. The jump in prices is really kind of big. The one we have cost $90,000. The next step up is around $160,000. The next size is $300,000,” Beck said.

The wood chips are used at the biosolid facility on South Ingram. They help break down the solid wastes into a usable compost material that can be purchased from the city.

Beck was asked how many people take advantage of the leaf pick up.

“We are going to see how it goes. It has gotten slower over the years as people started using the drop site more and more. It provides a nice service for people,” Beck explained.

The dumping of leaves and yard waste into Sedalia streets and gutters is prohibited by city ordinance and those who are caught dumping can be fined after a process is completed.

The first infraction is a door hanger being left at the residence informing the offender that the dumping is not allowed. The second offense is followed up with a home visit. The third offense would see a police officer issue a ticket not to exceed $500.

The leaves and waste that are dumped into the gutters can cause drainage problems for the storm water waste system.

“The ones that get into the street naturally, our guys are pretty busy getting those cleaned up,” Beck said.

In related news, the Clean Up Sedalia Committee will be bringing the twice-a-year pick up service issue in front of the city council for approval during the next month.

If passed, this would allow people to call into the city offices and schedule a pick up for items to be removed. This would replace the spring and fall clean up weeks.

“I am not sure if they have passed the ordinance yet, but we are ready to go. We have the truck in and after the first of the year people can call in and set up a scheduled time for pick up if the ordinance passes,” Beck said.

Beck was asked what the limit is for pick up.

“Two cubic yards or equivalent to a pickup load. We are trying to limit it to that,” Beck explained. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia News Journal.

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