Real Estate 11-8-12

November 8, 2012

in Real Estate

The following real estate transactions have been reported:

• Margaret Schmitz, trustee, and Laurnell S. Peters Revocable Trust to John M. and Paula Chamberlin.

• Robert Scott and Risa J. Gillaspie to Anna M. and Odmund Jan Bautista.

• Marilyn Lucille Howard to Charli Jo Thompson.

• Michael D. Brown, trustee, and Brown Family Trust to Viebrock Sales and Service LLC.

• Millsap and Singer PC, Derek K. Phillips and Karen A. Harmon to BOKF NA.

• Florence Eula Harris, trustee, Wayne Arthur Harris Family Revocable Trust and Florence Eula Harris Family Revoable Trust to Risa J. Gillaspie.

• Daniel and Barbara Walters, Barbara and Roy Hamilton, Kristan and Thomas Whelhan and Jill Walters to Bruce H. Huffman.

• Larry D. and Phyllis D. Brown and Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzlen PC to James B. Nutter and Co.

• Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Norma J. and Larry E. Duckworth and Karen M. Duckworth.

• Patricia Sue Haase, Patricia Sue Anderson and Norman Dean Haase to Patricia Sue Haase and Norman Dean Haase.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Robert L. and Terri R. Brines.

• Jami M. Cunningham to Donald L. Cunningham.

• Marcus and Rebecca M. Spencer to Laura L. Spencer.

• Juvenal Cardenas Martinez and Juvenal Martinez Cardenas to Orroyo DVE Cardenas Albertina and Orroyo DVE Albertina Cardenas.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Steven M. and Leslee J. Lane to Federal National Mortgage Association.

• Mark Mothersbaugh, trustee, and John T. Mothersbaugh Trust to Bethanie E. Nichols.

• John L. and Doris Thurston to Kynthia A. Knott and Juan A. Contreras.

• Thomas J. and Lillian A. Redford to Thomas J. Redford, trustee, Lillian A. Redford, trustee and Redford Family Trust.

• Johnson Farms PC to Dalles W. Heaton.

• Citizens Farmers Bank of Cole Camp to Randall and Jeannie Corpening.

• McNearney Pittenger and Associates LLC and Arthur Seabury Sr. to Mellon Bank of New York.

• Bobby J. and Elsie L. Mullins to Lori Mullins, Lisa Barnes and Michael Mullins.

• James C. and Darla R. Spangler to Galen Holthaus, trustee, Galen Holthaus Trust, Sharon K. Holthaus, trustee, and Sharon K. Holthaus Trust.

• Bernard O. Dove to John Dove, trustee, and Bernard Dove Family Property Trust.

• Tim L. and Amanda J. Schultz to David L. and Tonyia E. Bridges.

• Ryan M. and Janet F. Atkins to Michael B. Dawson.

• John Jeffrey and Robyn Marriott Wadley to Robyn M. Wadley, trustee, and Robyn M. Wadley Revocable Trust.

• Wayne J. and Jennifer L. Unkel to Nathan H. and Amber N. Killion.

• Michael C. Johnson to Patrick T. Aldrich.

• Robert J. Bahner, trustee, and Robert J. Bahner Living Trust to Lee Matthew and Jennifer Boatright.

• First Community Bank to Charles R. and Elizabeth P. Shapley.

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