Arrests 11-8-12

November 8, 2012

in Police Reports

The following recent arrest reports have been released by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department:

• Crystal Gail Vansel, 35, 517 North Prospect, violation of education reqirement for a child.

• Joseph Lee Hensley, 31, 515 West 15th, petition to revoke probation, driving while revoked (three counts).

• Bradley Paul Vansteenburg, 41, 2228 Liberty Park Blvd., probation violation.

• Linda Kay Zaragoza, 53, 4083 Par 5 Drive, parole violation.

• Brandon Anthony Carlock, 28, 813 East 16th, driving while license was revoked.

• Charles Richard Card, 28, 231 South Quincy, 48-hour commitment, direct criminal contempt.

• Robert Benjamin Wallen, 26, 705 McVey Road, 24-hour hold, driving while license was revoked.

• Marcus Lee Head, 42, 1854 Honda Drive, driving while license was revoked.

• James Harold Smith, 33, 21314 Main Street Road, failure to appear, violation of an order of protection; 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance; 24-hour hold, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• Luis Jamenez Diaz, 31, 2810 Monsees Drive, third degree domestic assault; resisting or interfering with an arrest, detention or stop; tampering with physical evidence.

• Gary Allen Clark, 58, Hughesville, suspended or revoked license.

• Esperanza Garcia Vargas, 41, 1405 South Moniteau, failure to stop; no driver’s license; operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility.

• Warren Goodhand Clark, 29, 1305 Boonville, peace disturbance.

• Jimmy Dean Brown, 24, 1004 South Vermont, failure to appear; possession of an unlawful weapon.

• Brian David Holt, 27, 900 Griffith Ave., driving while license was revoked.

• Gary Freddrick Neudorff, 46, 1530 South Harrison, felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol); probation violation, non-support.

• Wayne J.T. Lilley, 36, Windsor, failure to appear on a felony; failure to appear on a misdemeanor.

• David Raymond Shanahan, 51, 246 South Prospect, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault.

• Jeremiah N. Reding, 19, Warrensburg, failure to appear, stealing.

• Melissa Rae Keele, 23, listed as homeless, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana; use or possession of drug paraphernalia; parole violation; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Christina Lee Stewart, 36, 1609 South Vermont, 24-hour hold, endangering the welfare of a child; 24-hour hold, use or possession of drugs, paraphernalia.

• Kyla Elizabeth Potter, 25, 809 East Seventh, failure to appear, littering; failure to appear, no insurance.

• William Rodney Staten, 50, 1001 South Vermont, felony driving while intoxicated (alcohol), aggravated offender.

• Joseph Michaael Pruitt, 22, 810 South Lafayette, failure to appear, stealing.

• Eric Ryan James, 27, 1501 South Quincy, parole violation, absconder; failure to appear, stealing.

• Jeremy A. Bush, 32, 928 South Madison, failure to appear, failed to display plates.

• Oadelaida Waldo, 26, 500 East 15th, no operator’s license.

• Gary Price Evans, 36, Buckner Court, driving while license was suspended.

• Tiffanie Loraine O’Malley, 36, Knob Noster, failure to appear, plates of another; failure to appear, traffic.

• Quinton Noel Gano, 31, California, Mo., failure to appear, traffic offense.

• Jonathan Michael Basnet, 40, 642 East Ninth, driving a motor vehicle while license was suspended.

• Scott Michael Shirley, 39, 3200 South Kentucky, passing a bad check; stealing more than $500 and less than $2,500.

• Galin Edward Frye, 37, Columbia, failure to appear, property damage.

• Terry Edwin Tester, 24, Cole Camp, failure to appear, peace disturbance.

• Dorthey Lanel Treese, 23, 36611 Highway M, failure to appear, no driver’s license; failure to appear, trespassing.

• Jeffrey Lorin Friedley, 28, Mora, driving while revoked; operating a motor vehicle while driver’s license was suspended or revoked.

• Michael Keith Raw, 33, 1305 East Boonville, 24-hour hold, drugs, possession of an imitation controlled substance.

• Vincent Eugene Wolfe, 50, 609 East 16th, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance.

• Steven Thomas Kalra, 27, Centerview, first degree property damage; 24-hour hold, possession of methamphetamine precursors.

• Eric Allen Pohl, 34, 1609 South Vermont, use or possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine); endangering the welfare of a child; possession of an illegal weapon.

• Heather R. Nichols, 22, 658 East 10th, failure to appear on failing to dim lights; suspended or revoked license.

• Jessica Alana Kisner, 38, Kansas City, probation violation, possession of a controlled substance; probation violation, unlawful transaction with a child.

• Cody Louis Schoenherr, 20, 658 East 10th, 48-hour commitment, impersonation of an officer.

• Jeffrey Tyler Lidenmeyer, 24, 20651 Highway O, 24-hour hold, interfering with an arrest; 24-hour hold, second degree trespassing.

• Tracy Ann Bryan, 50, Florence, 24-hour hold, stealing.

• Stacey L. Craig, 36, 1413 South Prospect, 24-hour hold, possession of a controlled substance; 24-hour hold, shoplifting; parole violation.

•Donald Eyon Cunningham, 23, 24510 Oak Grove Lane, 48-hour commitment, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

• David L. Paxton, 51, 1615 East 14th, driving while license was revoked.

• Lee William Grot-zinger, 45, 21111 Sacajawea Road, failure to appear, back fines or costs.

• Travis Dale Martin, 22, 523 West Sixth, possession of marijuana.

• Collin Thomas Bressie, 23, Smithton, failure to appear, failure to register a motor vehicle; failure to appear, seat belt.

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