Sorosis hears about earthquakes in Missouri

November 6, 2012

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Sorosis met Nov. 5 at the Heard Memorial Club House with 24 members present . President, Betty Sue Viterna, opened the business meeting. Minutes of the Oct. 15 meeting were read and approved as corrected. Nancy Finley filed the Treasurer’s report .

Marty Graves, Corresponding Secretary, had sent cards to Loretta Hankins and Sylvia Hopkins and Betty Sue Viterna. Also a congratulations card to Edith Donath for serving 77 years with the Sedalia Symphony.

President Viterna shared that during the last cleaning day the group that cleaned in the attic discovered interesting old books and papers. A list has been made of all the items for a permanent record.

Rhonda Chalfant introduced our program — Seismic Rumble: Earthquakes in Central Missouri.

Our speaker was Steve Scheiner, geologist, who is currently Dean of Academic Affairs at State Fair Community College. Mr Scheiner is a student of Seismology and explained that the energy created by earthquakes is measured by two different scales: Mercalli Intensity scale and the Reichter scale.

The largest Missouri earthquake occurred in Southeast Missouri in 1812 and was felt on the East Coast. Study of the New Madrid fault has only been since 1974 and is currently monitored by St Louis University. Current theories are that the Mississippi River is the trigger of earthquakes in that area because of its weight.

Jean Gallagher thanked all who attended the Sedalia Bus tour and presented President Viterna with a check for $100 donation to the Heard House. Jackie Fike expressed thanks to Jean Gallagher and hopes to have another trip.

The Nov. 19 program was introduced by Janet Thomas. The program Titanic Memorial Cruise, 100 Years Later, to be presented by Byron Matson, will instead be the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Shirley Evans announced the Melita Cookie Walk for Saturday, Dec. 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cookie hostesses were Sally Keating and Carol Corpe.

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