Republicans cruise to victory in Pettis County

November 6, 2012

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Election results were reported and tallied at the Pettis County Courthouse Tuesday night and local contested races favored Republicans all the way:

In the State Rep race for District 51, Republican Dean Dohrman led with 1190 votes, while Democrat Gary Grigsby got 360 votes and Libertarian Bill Wayne got 53.

In the District 52 race for State Rep, Republican Stanley B. Cox led with 6491 votes, while Democrat Phyllis Domann secured 4033 votes.

In the race for Western Commissioner of Pettis County, Republican Jim Marcum led with 5829 votes, while Democrat Randy Dillon got 3211.

In the race for Eastern Commissioner of Pettis County, Republican Brent Hampy received 3360 votes, while Democrat Earl Luebbering got 2117 votes and Independent Gregg Foster got 1346.

In the race for Pettis County Treasurer, Republican Kim Lyne 9627 votes, while Democrat Sheryl Von Holten received 6076.

In the State Rep District 48 race,  Republican Dave Muntzel received 1160 votes, while Democrat Ron Monnig received 350.

In the State Rep District 54 race, Pettis County voters picked Denny Hoskins with 1589 votes, while Democrat Nancy Maxwell received 626 votes and Independent Eddie Osborne got 71.

Statewide, in the race for US Senate, Democrat Claire McCaskill has secured  1,484,683 votes, or 54.7 percent, to Republican Todd Akin with  1,063,698 votes, or 39. 2 percent, with 3387 of 3387 precincts reporting.

Democratic Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon secured 1,485,147, or 54.7 percent of the vote, while Republican challenger Dave Spence got 1,157,475, or 42.6 percent of the state vote with 3380 of 3380 precincts reporting.

In the US Rep, District 4 race, Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler trounced Democratic challenger Teresa Hensley. Hartzler received 192,166 votes, or 60.3 percent, to Hensley’s 113,044 votes, or 35.5 percent, with 413 of 413 precincts reporting.

In the Missouri Attorney General race, Democratic incumbent Chris Koster came out on top with 1,482,381 votes, or 55.8 percent, compared with 1,081,510 votes (40.7 percent)  for Republican challenger Ed Martin.

In an extremely close race for Secretary of State, Democrat Jason Kander secured 1,289,655 votes, or 48.8 percent, to 1,256,035 votes (47.5 percent) for Republican Shane Schoeller with 3380 of 3380 precincts reporting.

Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder secured his position after receiving 1,316,655 votes, or 49.4 percent of the vote, compared to 1,211,352 votes, or 45.4 percent, for Democratic challenger Susan Montee with 3380 of 3380 precincts reporting.

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel retained his job with a 1,324,489 to 1,197,451 margin of victory over Republican challenger Cole McNary (50.3 percent to 45.5 percent) with 3380 of 3380 precincts reporting.

Proposition A passed with 1,610,427 YES votes to 910,295 NO votes. (63.9 percent YES to 36.1 NO percent).

Proposition B failed with 1,259,335 No votes to 1,193,559 YES votes. (51.3 percent NO to 48.7 percent YES)

Constitutional Amendment 3 failed with 1,921,868 NO votes to 606,063 YES votes. (76 percent No to 24 percent YES)

Proposition E passed with 1,567,816 YES votes to 970,924 NO votes. (61.8 percent YES to 38.2 percent NO)

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